Apps To Stream Movies On Android

I have observed many of my friends going crazy to watch every latest movie they can. Many times people want options when they are bored.  Movies are a perfect choice while traveling considerable distances. Nowadays streaming has taken a toll over downloads. However, if you are at home and have a Wi-Fi connection at your home with good speed, then you cannot wait to download the movie. Streaming will be the best option then.

In this post, I would like to put light on some free apps for android that will help you stream movies for free in high quality. Buffering seems to diminish by the advent of advancement in technology and the kind of increase in data rates without any extra investment.

Top-Rated Apps For Android Smartphone

Raise your hand if you are a movie lover and you must check these apps to enjoy the pleasure right in your hands.  Here I present you a list of must-have apps on your Android to stream movies:


The first app on the list is Crackle. Crackle is a free app that will let you stream free movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere. You have the liberty to choose from thousands of TV shows and free movies to watch. Everything is for free, and there is nothing wrong to be patient to bear some ad popups for that.  More than that you can watch episodes on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

There is no subscription required to stream, though, you can make an account to make the app your own and save your preferences and save videos to watch them later. The app can be downloaded from the play store. Here is the download link.


This app has gone too far. Besides providing you with the features mentioned above- movie and TV show streaming, the app has shown a keen interest in adult content. However, yes, everything is free. Get packed with the various category of movies including adventure thriller movies, sci-fi, romantic, erotic, and exotic content at your fingertips. You will get full-length movies that are even hard to find on the web here with ease. Check this app now if you do not want to miss the adventure.

The best part is that the app can be downloaded legally from the play store.  I recommend you to read the full description at the play store. Enjoy reading because this has the power to put a smile on your face.


Well, I can see the effort that the developers of this app have made. They seem to be specifically generous or highly competitive. They do mention that their aim is to provide you free content so that you do not need to pay any money as you pay to the cable provider. Most importantly they have denied the fact that they need your credit card info. Well, good for the users who do not even have a credit card.

This makes the app convenient to prefer. The app has an excellent database and is user-friendly as well. They add new movies and shows every week; you will never run out of entertainment. Here is the link to download and check out this app. Happy Streaming.


Showbox works on the torrent network to fetch you Anime, TV shows, Cartoons, Movies and much more. Torrent sites are facing a ban due to piracy and virus issues. Therefore, the app is taken out from the play store but can be downloaded from external app vendors and seems to work well on most of the devices. Showbox is the King of the Movie streaming apps and has millions of fans.

You get high definition quality without spending a single penny. Chromecast support and user-friendly interface make this app worth to be part of this list.


Surprised to know about the fact that developers care about your emotions. There are a lot of best apps that would let you enjoy streaming movies, TV, and other entertaining stuff right on your Android phone. No doubt Netflix is the leader in the streaming industry, but competitors are trying hard to make users comfortable with their services.

All these apps have the potential to take care of your requirements. Try them out and post your experience as comments. Have a lovely time.