Zombies, seem to be everywhere these days. Well, not literally but they seem ubiquitous when it comes to the small and big screens. From Brad Pitt to Danai Gurira, mankind has battled these creatures for dominance of the planet. But what if they had to live in harmony? Disney has taken its signature style to present a template that has challenged societies for ages in ZOMBIES and the upcoming ZOMBIES 2 films. While that might sound grandiose, consider the fairy tales and fables that you learned in your younger years which taught you the concepts to function in a fair and just world. Andrew Kyrzyk is central to the story but not in an obvious way.

Andrew Kyrzyk

This acclaimed dancer from Winnipeg, Canada helps to provide artistry through dance in these films as the dance double of lead actor Milo Manheim as Zed, the teen zombie who is part of the romance that sparks conflict at Seabrook high school. Kyrzyk was a key dancer in the most important performance of the film as well as a dance double; even taking part in some acting for ZOMBIES. His extraordinary talent is the reason why the producers of the original brought him back as an essential part of the sequel. Andrew is also working on an exciting new Netflix production from one of the most celebrated choreographers in the business.

Andrew Kyrzyk

The setting of ZOMBIES is the neighborhood of Seabrooker; a place where life seems perfect in an almost cartoonish manner. This is disrupted when teens from nearby Zombietown are integrated into the high school. When Addison (Meg Donnelly) feels a serious connection with Zombie Zed (Milo Manheim), the “Living meets Undead” version of West Side Story presents itself. There’s not as much violence in ZOMBIES as Ernest Lehman/Arthur Laurents/Jerome Robbins Broadway play turned Oscar winning-film but the dancing is similarly exceptional.

This playful look at an evergreen topic of societal conflict is given a buoyancy thanks to the fantastic dance numbers featured in it. Kyrzyk was hired for the film with the dual purpose of directly coaching lead actor Milo Manheim on his dance choreography and to serve as a dance double for him. As a minor, Milo was restricted in workday hours on set. Making wise use of Andrew’s skill allowed the film to stay on schedule and budget. Kyrzyk was also utilized for certain scenes purely based on acting and Milo’s availability; a welcome surprise for him and the audience.

The big dance number “BAMM” featuring Andrew as Milo proves that it’s sometimes those you don’t suspect making the lead actor of a film looking even better. Disney and the creative team of ZOMBIES have asked Kyrzyk to return for the highly anticipated ZOMBIES 2. Rehearsals are already underway in Canada. 

Andrew Kyrzyk

In between Disney films, in addition to other projects, Kyrzyk worked with Primetime Emmy award-winning filmmaker (known for the High School Musical franchise, Dirty DancingFerris Bueller’s Day Off, and Pretty in Pink,) Kenny Ortega on the upcoming Netflix release Julie and the Phantoms. This musical comedy series, based on an International Emmy Award-nominated Brazillian television series, is about a teenage girl who finds her passion for music and life with the help of a band of three teen boys (The Phantoms) who have been dead for two and a half decades.

Working with the choreography team of Paul Becker, Louise Hradsky, and Tori Caro as well as Ortega has proven to be Andrew’s favorite professional experience thus far. He states, “It was truly an ideal situation working on Julie and the Phantoms. The choreography, created by an amazing team, was incredible. Kenny Ortega is truly a dream to work for. He is always so encouraging and enthusiastic. I had never worked with a director before who was as invested in the project as Kenny. He would come into every dance rehearsal and work with us; perfecting things and making adjustments. He always knew exactly what he wanted and as a dancer; that makes the job that much easier.”

By Punit