Alexandra Possenti On Early Billie Eilish

When Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” knocked Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” off its nineteen-week run at the top of the charts, it announced to everyone that a major talent had arrived in a big way. With twelve of the thirteen songs from the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” charting on the Billboard Hot 100, the most ever for a female musician, Eilish has thrashed the idea that the music world doesn’t see prolific new talent. Two American Music Awards, Six Grammy Nominations (which include Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year) confirms Eilish is making history at eighteen years of age. Long before the awards and massive downloads, Alexandra Possenti knew about this incredible female talent and was part of exposing her to the music industry and thus the world.

As Creative Director for an intimate performance by Eilish at the Malibu SaddleRock Ranch, Possenti led the visual direction for the event and partnership requirements for Grey Goose while also crafting the key audience for the show.

Alexandra had been working for Soho House as event production manager for their West Coast region; collaborating with Inters cope Records, Alexandra was enlisted to create the ideal experience/performance for the then sixteen-year-old Eilish at this venue. Though an artist like Billie Eilish is years in the making, Alexandra was one of the key individuals who helped light the match that sent this firework into the air.

Alexandra Possenti

For the most part, the days of going to a club and buying a tee shirt to see an artist are over. The eclectic nature of the music industry these days is about the uniqueness of the artist and the experience of seeing them perform. Alexandra has an impressive resume which is truly “worldly.” Educated in Ireland, Switzerland, and the US, she’s worked with Soho House in Chicago, Miami, and LA for the better part of a decade. With a career that boasts so many international events, Possenti has honed an eye for noticing impressive talent long before others. She also has the skills to create a prime atmosphere for others to see what she sees.

The Eilish Saddle rock Ranch performance was a key moment in empowering this artist to connect with those who could increase awareness of her. To perfectly assemble this moment, Alexandra oversaw nearly every facet, from the transportation of more than one-hundred invitees to the event, to tables and bar preparation, the overall aesthetic, and managing expectations for Grey Goose in validating Billie’s talent to this brand as she didn’t have any recognition or awards at the time.

Alexandra Possenti

Six plus years in charge of all the production for all the events that took place on the West Coast have cemented Alexandra’s place among the premier creative directors for a wide variety of events. This early performance and introduction to business supporters are just one of many times Possenti has collaborated with Daniel Sena who oversees brand partnerships for Interscope Records’ roster, including more than one hundred artists. Alexandra and Daniel work proactively with brands and agencies to develop fully integrated partnerships which mutually benefit both artist and brand.

The duo has worked together with recognized artists signed to Inter scope Records such as Kali Uchis, Yoshi Flower, Ella Mai, and of course Billie Eilish. The Eilish event was one which will likely never be seen again with a farm to table dinner culinary experience set in one of the most beautiful backdrops of nature imaginable and Billie’s unique voice singing as a surprise at the top of an adjusted straw hat squares with horses meandering in the background.

Alexandra Possenti is justifiably pleased that she was able to add assistance to one of today’s newest and most recognized talents. She recalls the experience for others as well noting, “Billie’s mom was her manager at the time and she made sure that her soundcheck and performance were scheduled to happen.

Billie and her mom had a fabulous day and couldn’t thank me enough for the opportunity as she was fairly new in the game and the majority of the invitees had never seen her perform live before this.” The contributions of Possenti may never earn her awards like a Grammy but she’ll continue to foster this possibility in others with her upcoming role spearheading the production for all the event series for Universal Latin including for the Grammy Awards.

Writer: Cecil McCoy