Why small businesses need SEO

Starting a small business does not necessarily mean that you don’t need to do anything to improve it. We have all heard of great companies that started from a basement or garage. Amazon and Apple are two perfect examples of such businesses. There are at least two good reasons why every small business should seek growth. The first is that small businesses make less profit than big businesses. The second reason is that small businesses have a high potential for failure due to constant financial problems.

The key to success in every industry is providing top-tier services and excellent online visibility. As a business owner, you must already know that you will not receive much credit unless you provide outstanding services. However, your services will remain unknown to many without excellent online visibility, no matter how great they are. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your services/products are of great quality. That said, here is what you should know about your business’s online visibility and how it contributes to business success. 

What are the top affordable SEO services for small businesses?

There is no denying that the internet has become customers’ primary source of information. This is why your business needs a constant online presence. Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is what many business owners have added to their business and enjoyed the results.

SEO offers a variety of services to businesses, but not all of them are equally affordable. As a matter of fact, some of these services are quite costly. Meanwhile, certain SEO services best suit small businesses and have proven to be highly effective. Here are the top five affordable SEO services you can add to your small business. 

Website Audit

To maintain a stable online presence, you need to have a good platform where you can exhibit your products and services. This is why you should consider launching a website. It might sound scary at first, considering the costs, but spending some time learning how to launch a website by yourself will save you lots of money. You should probably be able to launch your first website within a month and spend another month on improving it.

Then, you get in touch with a reputable SEO company that understands your limits and is willing to audit your website for the price you can afford. This should not be difficult as good SEO companies usually deliver their first service for a low price to get more offers. By having your website audited, you will rest assured that it is optimised for search engines and would appear on the top of search results for searches related to your services. 

Content creation

As a business owner, you may not have enough time to constantly create content for your website. On the other hand, it is essential to post new content there on a daily/weekly basis. This is important as the more content you post on your website, the more credit you receive from search engines. Fortunately, content creation is one of the least expensive SEO services you can ask for. This, of course, varies from country to country and depends on the type and quality of the content.

As a business owner, you want to showcase your services. Therefore, your content does not need to be professionally written. While many SEO companies talk about prices like $ 500 per article, others are willing to deliver well-written, engaging content for prices lower than $ 100 per article. Posting ten articles per month on your business website will cost you around $ 1000, which is a wise investment considering the amazing effect it has on your online visibility and conversion rate

Link Building

Appearing on the first page of Google should be your top priority. In order to achieve this goal, you should prioritise link building over other SEO services you have in mind. Link building connects your website, and hence your business, to high-quality websites that thousands of people visit daily. Consequently, many of those people would find their way to your website and learn about your services.

The good thing about link building is that so many freelancers, who do not demand much money, willingly accept link-building projects. You can usually pay them after they provide you with the links you have required from them. Therefore, there is no need to worry about being cheated or spending too much money. Last but not least, link building also contributes to your website’s ranking. 

Local Citation

Small businesses have to count on the local residents mainly. If you run a small company and your brand is not yet recognised by many, you can’t expect to receive lots of customers. With local citation services: however, you can establish a brand identity for your business and get its name on every tongue. Local citation is a considerably cheap SEO service by which online listings of your business on high-traffic platforms are done.

This helps search engines identify your business name, address, phone number, etc. Consequently, when people near your location google information related to your services, search engines show your website at the top of search results. This happens because your company’s name has been repeated on online platforms more than your business rivals’ in the area. 

Social media advertising

Currently, 3.96 billion people around the world use one or several social networking sites. That is more than half of the whole population of the world. The implication is that the majority of people living near your business use platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc. So, you should always try to spread your brand name on such platforms and draw more attention to your business.

Social media advertising is not that costly as it does not require much time or effort from your SEO company. Moreover, you always have the option of finding considerably cheap channels/pages on these platforms. This entails that you can decide, based on your budget, how many views you want your ads to receive. Thus, no financial risks will be upon you as no additional costs will be required from you. 

How to find affordable SEO services for your small business

After deciding to embed these SEO services into your small business, it’s time to find a good SEO company that provides you with good services and offers fair prices. Let’s say that your business is based in Melbourne. First, you should go online and search a phrase such as ” affordable SEO services Melbourne“. You will notice that Google suggests a couple of SEO companies in Melbourne. Then you should make a list of the most reputable ones that offer your desired services.

Next, you should contact them and find out how they work and what prices they expect. Finally, after removing some of them from your list, you should go to clients that the remaining ones have had in the past and ask them if they are satisfied with the service received. If you go through these steps carefully, you’ll be able to find the best SEO company near you that has a good history and provides affordable SEO services. 


Running a small business presents its own challenges. Among such challenges are how to survive and grow. This article suggests strong online visibility as one alternative in this regard and elaborates on five affordable SEO services all SEO companies could go for. If you own a small business and have high hopes to improve it, consider trying these SEO tips. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the results. 

By Punit