Top 8 Advantages Of Blinds Over Conventional Curtains

Advantages Of Blinds

Installing window blinds are probably the best way to dress your windows when you consider decorating a room. Window coverings are undoubtedly one of the prime important aspects of interior decoration, and when it comes to choices, traditional curtains have paved the way to modern blinds a long time back. However, there should be a clear understanding of blinds and curtains before you make the final decision.

Why should one opt for Blinds in Melbourne when there are a plethora of window curtains available in the market? Also, it is about priority whether you want to install blinds for purely aesthetic value or functional reasons. Here are some of the important advantages of blinds over curtains.

1. Controlling the light

Blinds are more effective than curtains when it comes to controlling the light entering into your room. With curtains it is difficult or impossible to control it. It is pretty much open or shut mechanism. You need to adjust your curtain every time the sun moves across the sky. Most of the time, you don’t want to completely shut down the curtains to keep the room dark.

With blinds, this problem is largely solved. You can control light with a little adjustment in slats at an angle so the light still comes in but it blocks the glare. Also, blinds are available in a variety of designs and functionality, so you can install it according to your preferences.

2. Window blinds are available in a large variety

Curtains as a fabric can be available in diverse colors, and variations. It is an advantage but if you think blinds are available in one and a few options, you are wrong. Today blinds are quite popular aspects of window decoration and available in a huge variety in the market. You can find a large variety of blinds in Tullamarine with diverse colors and styles. Window blinds are also available to suit windows of different sizes. The one advantage that you won’t find in curtains is the dimensions of blinds. You can choose from different dimensions such as vertical blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, and others.

3. A large variety of materials

Curtains come in fabric, we all know that. You can buy cotton, synthetic or polyester fabric curtain. However, blinds can come in a variety of materials including fabric. If you are fond of fabric, you can opt for fabric blinds. Other than that, there is a wide spectrum of blinds made of wood, composite wood, faux wood, metal, vinyl, and plastic. These blinds are available in a variety of colors, sheens, and textures. Also, you can customize the blind slats to achieve what you find suitable for your room.

4. Blinds provide privacy

Unlike curtains, you can adjust the slats of blinds to control the light by folding the top and nobody can see into the face. Even if your slats are open, it distorts the view from outside. In the case of curtains, to achieve full privacy you need to drop it completely.

5. Maintenance of curtains

Curtains are hard to maintain, especially if you have expensive curtains that require special treatment. You need to wash it, dry it completely (that can be done in a washing machine), iron them and rehang them. The whole process is itself a project. On the other hand, blinds can be stayed good for years, especially if you have wooden or metal blinds. All you need is to clean the dust regularly, and once in awhile wet a cloth, wipe gently and the blinds are clean. In some cases of stains, you need to give special cleaning.

6. Curtains are not hypoallergenic

Curtains are not immune to allergenic. In fact, in certain specialized cases, curtains are not recommended in the house where a person or people are allergic to certain fabrics. Also, curtain fabrics attract dust mites easily than anything else. Also, pollens and other allergens get easily stuck on the curtains.

7. Cost

Curtains are expensive if you choose expensive fabrics. A large variety of blinds give you enough options to choose the stuff that fits in your pocket. For example, if you can’t afford wood blinds, you can easily replace it with cheaper faux wood.

8. Don’t absorb smell and dirt

Curtains in the kitchen often smell bad because of the smell of food attached to the fabric. Materials like metals, plastic, vinyl, and wood do not have this problem.

Whatever interior decor in your mind for your home, consider installing window blinds because these have certainly greater variety and lots of advantages.