additional Height with Elevator Shoes

Are you looking to bring your style to the next level while also giving yourself a bit of a boost in confidence? If you are also someone who is looking to add a few inches of additional height, but you don’t know where to start, especially if you are someone that has every accessory in your wardrobe arsenal but you feel as if something is missing, you might be able to reap the benefits of elevator shoes. 

What are Elevator Shoes?

Put very simply, elevator shoes are examples of footwear that have a unique layer and are meant to help increase your height. One of the most popular styles or designs of elevator shoes comes in the form of a dress shoe or business casual variety. The best part about these shoes is that from looking at them with an untrained eye, you’d never be able to tell they are functional in adding height as well as extremely fashionable.

get Height with Elevator Shoes

How do Elevator Shoes Work?

Elevator shoes are constructed similarly to “normal” shoes, in the sense that the anatomy of the shoe is very familiar.


If you take a look at a common business casual shoe, you’ll notice that there is an upper, this is the portion of the shoe that you and everyone else will see that sits right on top as your first layer. Uppers can be made from a variety of materials like leather, or polyurethane blend materials. There may be laces or just a typical loafer style to the upper.


The inner portion of the shoe that the soles of your feet make contact with is called the “insole”. This portion of the shoe is responsible for how comfortable you will be wearing them. This is the first area of the shoe that can potentially add some height depending on how thick it is. The insole also functions almost like a shock-absorber for your feet and is often cushioned and comfortable. This insole is the piece that lays over the outsoles in regular shoes, but in elevator shoes, this will sit on top of the height-increasing layer – which is what makes these shoes so unique. 

Height with Elevator Shoes

Height Increasing Layer

This is the part of elevator shoes that sets them on a pedestal when it comes to shoes with a purpose. Right under the insole is a layer that is within the shoe to give you some extra height. Usually, these are of materials that will allow your feet to breathe but also give you a decent amount of stable support. You will not have to worry about them being uncomfortable due to the extra height; the insole does a wonderful job of absorbing a lot of the impact when you are taking a step. 


The outsole is the part of your shoe that makes contact with the ground or floor that you are walking on. This is probably the most rugged and durable portion of your shoe. This piece of your elevator shoe layers directly under the height-increasing layer and is an exposed piece. Your outsole will be responsible for the first impact of every time you take a step. Then the impact diffuses through the different layers of your shoe. 

How Much Height is added?

Now that you know how elevator shoes build, you might be wondering just how much height you can achieve with these useful shoes. On average you can expect to see a minimum of 2″ of additional height. There are going to be several factors on how much height adds. The way you carry yourself will be a determining factor, and how much compression occurs in the height-adding layer.

Shopping around and doing your research will help you select the right shoe depending on your needs.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Elevator Shoes?

There are several reasons why you would experience the benefits of wearing elevator shoes. The important factors are going to vary based on what you are trying to achieve by wearing these shoes. 

Additional Height 

One of the most apparent benefits of wearing these shoes is the fact you will gain additional height. This is probably the main purpose of elevator shoes and why many people purchase them.


Confidence comes from within; however, the addition of elevator shoes does not hurt either. With increasing your height and posture, a possible side effect of using elevator shoes is an increase in confidence. If you feel better about yourself and achieve your physical goals, this can have such a great impact on your self-image.


Many of us are guilty of not practicing good posture. This can have so many physiological benefits such as:

  • Improved airflow – you might notice you are breathing better and even easier.
  • Reducing back pain – standing up tall and putting a focus on better posture can help reduce your back pain. This is also helping you build strength in your back muscles to help alleviate some pressure. 
  • Processing Food – your digestion can potentially improve with having your GI tract and additional organs more aligned. 
  • Mood – Even your mood might improve by standing up straight. This can also make you feel more confident in high-pressure situations like a business meeting.
  • Focus – another byproduct of better posture is the possibility of you being able to focus even more. When you are standing or sitting up taller you are also increasing your oxygen levels – which can have some great cognitive effects on your mind and body.
Elevator Shoes

Final Thoughts

Elevator shoes are one of the most versatile and useful additions to your wardrobe. If you are seeking a discreet and subtle way to make a noticeable change to your height and ultimately appearance, elevator shoes might be the way to go. From the outside looking in you would never be able to tell an elevator shoe from a regular soled shoe. Style combined with the many benefits of these shoes makes them a solid purchase. 

By Punit