Project Manager

Many people have different opinions about what skills are needed to be a good project manager. Some people believe that management skills, communication skills, and strategy are the most important. Others believe that technical knowledge is more important than managing and directing teams. Still, others might argue that becoming a project manager is all about helping those on your team succeed rather than focusing on yourself or your doubts.

The 8 skills all good PMs need

The following are the top skills needed to be successful as a project manager. There are plenty of training providers that can help you progress in your career as a project manager; for example, Project Management Expert provides a range of training options for new and experienced PMs.

1) Communication skills

Both written and verbal communication skills are important, as a PM will need to liaise with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The PM should be able to write in a style that others will easily understand, and should be able to, with the same ease, verbally communicate their ideas and concepts.

2) Management skills

A PM will need to be able to manage and direct a team. The PM must be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the team, as well as their own role, to work together effectively.

3) Technical knowledge

While not strictly a project management skill, it is a PM skill to have technical knowledge. This will enable the PM to speak the same language as the team and will mean they can better understand the issues they are facing.

4) Decision-making skills

A PM must be able to make decisions that are in the best interests of the project. The PM must have the ability to make tough decisions, where required, and not be at fault when those decisions are not correct.

5) Leadership skills

As part of their job, all good PMs must be able to manage and control the entirety of a project. This entails both managing tasks and resources, as well as communications.

6) Motivating skills

Good PMs must know how to motivate their team members. A PM must be able to inspire and influence others for them to succeed, or at the very least, perform better than they would have without being inspired.

7) Time management skills

Every good PM will need strong time management skills. The ability to organize your time effectively is needed to ensure that there are no time wasters, nor are there any delays in getting work done. This means the PM must know how to plan, allocate, and evaluate time when undertaking activities.

8) Negotiation skills

A PM will need to be able to negotiate contracts, both internally and externally. Negotiation skills are an important part of obtaining favorable terms and conditions. A good PM will also need negotiation skills when dealing with team members, as well as with supplier companies.

The good news is that these skills can be learned. Whether you are starting out as a new PM or you have been in the role for years, you can always improve and pick up more new skills to help you become a better project manager.

By Punit