Strengthen your WiFi System

Are you traveling from one place to another? Are you making the use of a public WiFi at a railway station, restaurant or hotel? The use of Virtual Private Networks are very valuable and helpful. You can easily own VPN server at home without paying anything to your Internet Service Provider. You should also keep in mind that a Router Setup also needs such an extra smart feature like VPN. Want to know how?

1. Insertion of the Router

It is better to keep your device to an open place where it can send and receive good and live Internet connection. Avoid overheating and overloading of your device from large Mbps and Gbps files. Do not let dust cover it and never let its antennas rest in a horizontal position.

2. Get a Router that has VPN capabilities

Strengthen your WiFi System

Instead of doing Router Installation by yourself, you should go through the manual steps. It may also interest you to know that many routers have in-built VPN servers. You need to look for those devices that support such kind of well-groomed features. You can then make use of your device’s web interface and configure a successful setup on your own.

3. Look for a Perfect spot and place your device

Whenever you like, find out that your WiFi signals are good or worst. You can calculate the exact amount of signal strength using such applications which are about to be downloaded. But make sure that your device has plenty of room left for the apps available in market or play store.

4. Manage bandwidth with Hogging Application

Mostly what happens is some heavy applications like video calling, online games, stream files, etc. also results in slow and steady Internet. So it is a lot worth to avoid such hogging application that break down the rate of your WiFi and give a lot many disaster to your bandwidth.

5. Never introduce your router with Electronic appliances

If you are about to place your device near to appliances like Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, microwaves, HD TVs, security system, etc. In that case we would like to suggest you to drop this idea because it can shrink the signal strength of your WiFi router.

The reason is very simple; do you know that these devices have their own signals in the form of ultra-violet waves, which can eventually reduce the speed of existing WiFi device. So it is better to keep your device out of the range of such electronic gadgets in order to gain good, better and best WiFi range everywhere in the house.

6. Introduce your device to the Range Extender

It is better to keep both the devices within the 20-30 range of each other. After that plug them both into an electrical power outlet and wait for the LED lights on both the devices turns to solid green. Once done, connect both of them with the help of an Ethernet cable and take another edge of the cable and tie a knot between router and the PC. Now, open a web browser and type Router Default IP in the field of address bar.

7. Protect your device with a secure password

Most of the times, the foremost reason behind a reduced and spotty WiFi signal can be the interference of devices and Internet of third-party appliances and neighborhood. There are chances that they might hack your network that’s why you are receiving poor signals. So it is strictly recommended to our valuable users to protect your device as well as tour WiFi with a strong password.

Always remember, as long and muscular password you create, the more you are protecting your entire WiFi system from hacking. You will learn more about it when you will go through the Router Login page. It is the absolute setup mechanism guide for our most precious and valuable users.