7 Environmentally Friendly Options

Environmentally friendly roofing options reduce energy costs and make your interior space more comfortable. Homeowners and commercial property owners prefer environmentally friendly roof. Roofs are the only thing in the home which gives you plenty of options to choose, so, this article will give you many choices for your roof.

Green roof:

Green house, as it is visible by its name, it covers green vegetation. Commercial property owners choose roof because it is very beneficial for them to choose this one. This kind of roofing add aesthetics appeal to building, it also protect the building form heavy rain, It also protect roof membrane, minimize noise and it help the building to cool itself.


Solar panels:

They can be mounted on any type of the exiting roof. There are a lot of benefits of having solar panel in your roof. Just like green roof, they also give your roof aesthetics appeal to your roof, reduces your carbon footprint and helps you in saving your costly bill. Many companies provide solar panel that will match with your home design.

White roof or cool roof:

During summer season, is it very hot in the roofing area? It is good if you prepare for warmer days. A cool roof can be a good choice. It keeps the roof’s temperature low and the interior of your building also remain cool. In this case, your commercial roofing company can give you a good advice.

Reclaimed clay or slate tile roof:

If you want classic Spanish style roof in your home, then, slate or clay tile will be a very good option. This roofing option is made of clay and a staple of the roofing industry. This type of eco-friendly roofs look bent; they usually lower the temperature inside your home and there are chances that they may even live longer than your property. You should keep this thing in your mind that these may require regular maintenance by roofing contractors Brownstown Michigan.

Recycled shingles:

Recycled shingles are one of the most environmentally friendly tiles. These shingles are derived from waste products like rubber, plastic wood, and fiber or even from the waste that comes from residential homes and one of the reason for trying them is to their tremendous durability. There warranty usually last for 50 years.

Cedar wood roof:

The roof made of cedar (wood shingles) looks extremely beautiful but it is very expensive. You are going to love it because of its ability to survive harsh weather. It last longer and in some way it save your energy bills. If you want to try cedar wood roof, you should also know that fungus grows on such roofs. So, you should also know that about cedar fungal treatment.

Metal roof:

It is one of the most popular choices among homeowner and commercial property owners. It is made of steel and aluminum. They can withstand hails, storms, heavy rain and snow. They are impenetrable to worrying pests and are fire resistants.Companies mostly put high price on metal roof but the good thing is that spending money on them won’t be a bad thing because of their lifespan and energy saving ability.

By choosing one of the roofing types, you won’t have to be worried about things like bills and other things, they will save energy, maintain good temperature, quite environment, durability and aesthetic appeal. This environmentally friendly option will benefit you a lot. While, choosing among one of the choice, choose the one, which matches with your needs, choose a roof that comes from trusted manufacture and also that which matches with your home designer.