6 Ways To Send Love To Your Girl BFF Who Is Miles Away From You

Long-distance friendship is far more painful than a long-distance relationship. You miss your buddy all the time and crave for having some girl talk with her in person. Whatever problem life throws at your way, she is there to sort it with her wits and love. Being at distance form your favourite person is obviously not the way you expected it to be and she must be feeling the same way. Although you can’t be with her all the time, you can certainly make her feel at home and with you with some sweet gestures portraying your love for her and convey her that she will always be your BAE, no matter the distance between you two. Here are a few suggestions that will put a bright spot on her day:

  1. Send Her A Personalised Gift

A personalised glass of wine with a loving message will always comfort her after a long, tiring day. You can also customise it with her name. Every time she will sip from this beautiful glass, she will be reminded of you and the conversations you had when you were together. Get ready for the video call she will make after getting nostalgic on seeing this gift.

  1. Send Her A Midnight Delivery

Let her indulge in the sweet sin of enjoying a scrumptious cake, freshly-baked in her favourite flavour and forget all the worries of the world. You can send a midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon or any other city in the country through a reputed online bakery and let her know that you are always with her, even when she is miles away from you.

  1. Write Her Some Letters

Grab a pen and jot down some sweet, encouraging and loving words for your favourite girl in the world. Write different letters and mark each of them to be opened in a different situation. You can label them as “Open when sad”, “open when moody”, “open when you miss home” and a few more like it. These letters will always help her whenever you are not around to comfort her in a difficult situation.

  1. Curate A Customised Bracelet

Get her a personalised bracelet, engraved with the coordinates of the location where you two are at present. These coordinates will be a reminder of the strong bond of the friendship between you two and make her believe that no matter where she goes, she always has a best friend waiting for her back at home and she is never alone. She will love to coordinate these bracelets with her formal and casual attire.

  1. Surprise Her With Scented Candle

The fragrance that you both loved, the first rain, the woods, the bonfire of the roses, you can find a scented candle in any fragrance nowadays. Pick the one which reminds her the most of you and your hometown.  Every day, when she will be back from work, tired and low on energy, she will feel at home with you by lighting this sweet-scented candle you sent her as a gift.

  1. Pay Her A Surprise Visit

Nothing could beat the gift of you, from you. Plan a weekend visit to her and surprise her with the best present in the whole wide world, her best friend in person. Let her talk and tell you all about her life while you two are having lunch together, just like the old days. She will feel blessed to have such a friend who takes enough pain to visit her just to be with her for a couple of days and make her feel back at home.

A few true friends are forever and you should do everything to keep them with you because best friends like them are hard to find.

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