6 NBA Betting Tips You Can Use for the Next Season

6 NBA Betting Tips

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It has been a challenging 2022-2023 NBA season, but after much struggle, the Denver Nuggets finally won a championship after a 47-year wait. Now that the NBA finals are over and we’re in the downtime stage, we have many things we should review regarding NBA betting. 

This is when you should review your betting mistakes on the last season and try to start a new one in the 2023-24 season. If you plan to join in on the fun of the next NBA season, let us help you with that. Here are some tips you should remember during the next season of the NBA.

Bet Early

One of the best ways to take advantage of the lines is to bet early as soon as the market opens during the morning. If you’re on the East Coast, you must be prepared at 8-9 a.m. In a market as big as the NBA, bookies are very fast, and no new information slips by them. This is why when you have the opportunity to take advantage of the lines before the bookies change them, you have a great betting opportunity in front of you.

That said, during the morning, the lines are usually untouched. However, as the day goes on, much information will surface, and the lines will change even in the last second before the tip-off.

Always Be on the Lookout for Injury Reports

Unlike football, with 11 players on the field, and baseball, with 9, basketball only has five players on the court. This means that each player plays a significant role in the game. That said, injury reports significantly impact the games, especially on big odds like Golden State Warriors odds and Phoenix Suns championship odds. You shouldn’t only be up in the morning but in the afternoon, as injuries usually hit the news.

Also, the NBA nowadays is heavily based on load management. It’s common for star players to sit out a few games, so you should always anticipate which players will be in based on their recent plays, injuries, etc.

Understand How the Coaches Play

You should also understand how the coaches work. Each coach has their play style, which can be interesting to consider when looking at the matchups. Certain coaches prefer going all out during the start of the regular season. 

Others, on the other hand, like to play out with stats. For example, coach Tom Thibodeau is known to heavily push his team every night, while coach Gregg Popovich usually likes to manage his star players, making them always fresh when the team needs them.

Check the Scheduling Advantages

Although the NBA has taken steps to reduce the game load for every team, it’s not a surprise that there will be teams who will play at least 13 games back to back with no rest. But in terms of betting, this can be very beneficial. Even though this number of games isn’t that significant in all 82 games, this is where you can usually find many betting opportunities you can hound on.

That said, when you notice that the team has been playing back-to-back, it’s usually good to fade these teams because they would be too tired to play. Also, if they are roaming around the country, it’s more likely that they will be constantly adjusting to the time zones, which can mess with a player.

Fade the Favorites

Betting on the underdog plays a huge value in terms of betting. This is only possible, of course, if you know how to play it right. Any team can beat the other 29 in a given night. This is especially true during the start of the season when coaches usually like to play coy and not let their star players play to keep them fresh. 

So, if you feel that a +8 home underdog has a good chance of beating a huge team like the Golden State Warriors, that’s a game you should be betting on. You can then take advantage of this by betting on multiple bets like moneyline and against-the-spread betting.

Line Shopping

This is important for any sport, not just the NBA. As a bettor, you should always have access to multiple betting sites to make the most out of your picks. For example, if your bet is +3 on Bookie #1 and it’s +4 on Bookie #2, then you should at least bet on the bigger gap or both if possible. Remember, even a half point can significantly change the amount of money you’ll win on a single bet.

Final Words

The NBA is currently in its downtime, so it’s the best time to review your betting foundations and note all the mistakes you have committed during the 2022-2023 NBA season. The next season will be super exciting as many people are looking at the Denver Nuggets to win another championship. But since we’re still very early on, it’s hard to say. Also, right now, you should focus on the opening of the season first, as the majority of the money will be there.