Get Fit at Home

Not everybody can make it to the gym. If you work a busy schedule or have lots of commitments, it can be hard to fit a visit into your day, not to mention the costs involved. Fortunately, it’s easy to get fit at home. Not only is this an approach that saves time and money, but it will have a tangible impact on your health.

#1 Invest in fitness DVDs and games

Gyms run frequent exercise classes where you work out alongside other like-minded people. These classes are communal and you’ll get a lot of encouragement from instructors. Working out at home can be a lonely experience by comparison, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of fitness DVDs available for the shrewd buyer. These give you a virtual instructor and replicate the experience of attending a class. You’ll get all the same levels of encouragement and there’s a definite communal feel. Games are even better. Interactive fitness games like Wii Fit changed the way people work out, making exercise feel more like a game. They’re hugely popular and the gaming industry continues to innovate, introducing new routines.

#2 Invest in some home workout kit

Home workout kits vary from simple dumbbells to more specialized equipment like the kit available from This equipment transforms your home into a gym, giving you all the tools you need to work out different parts of the body without taking up too much space. Better still, home workout equipment is specifically designed to help you undertake a range of different exercises. You might want to work out your core one day and then your quads the next. Rather than changing from one piece of equipment to another, most home kits allow for a seamless transition. It’s much cheaper than taking out gym membership, too.

#3 Try yoga

Yoga is often considered a purely psychological type of work out designed to help people relax and meditate, but certain types of yoga can be intense! Ashtanga Yoga, for example, is a breathless and visceral affair that will burn through calories and get your body toned in no time. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but there are plenty of other types available to get you started. Learning yoga is nowadays easy due to the proliferation of online tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere. Find an instructor you identify with and take it from there.

#4 Try 10 minute workouts

Ten minute workouts are specifically designed for short bursts of activity in a small area. There are lots on offer, but they’ll typically involve some high-intensity cardio paired with lunges, squats and other simple exercises. They’ll put you through your paces and can be scaled up or down accordingly. Ten minute workouts are famed for their endless versatility, so there’s certainly an exercise for everyone. 

Many can be set to music to give you an extra burst of inspiration and since they only take up a tiny amount of space, you can perform them almost anywhere.