Adding hair extensions is a great way to change up your appearance. Extensions can help you achieve a glamourous or eye-catching look. Some extensions offer users a great deal of length while others offer them unique colors and textures. Check out hair extensions White Plains NY to learn more about extension application services. Take a look at this list of three different forms of hair extensions.

Mircolink hair extensions consist of micro-silicone beads. These beads can be attached to the strands of an individual’s natural hair. A trained professional should install these extensions because, if applied incorrectly, they can tug at your roots and pull your hair out. The application process takes about two to four hours, and the results can last up to eight weeks. 

2. Clip-In

Many people gravitate toward clip-ins because they require much less time to apply than other hair elongation pieces. Clip-ins have small clips you can attach to the various regions of your hair. They are a great option if you are trying to increase hair volume as well as length. Note that clip-ins are not as permanent as other hair extension products since they take only a few minutes to apply and a couple of minutes to remove.

3. Sew-In

Sew-ins are ideal for people with thick or textured hair because they require friction in order to properly adhere to a person’s tresses. Applying sew-ins takes skill and a great deal of time–several hours in some cases. This is why most people hire a hairdresser to install them. Some sew-ins have the shape of full wigs; they are added to each part of cornrowed hair. It is very hard to pull sew-in wigs off compared to other types of wigs.

Hair extensions are a fun way to revamp your look. Be sure to research the various kinds of extensions that exist to find the right set for you.

By Punit