Today world is quickly becoming more and more technologically advanced, it is essential for companies to refine their communication tools to guarantee that crucial business systems like PCs, servers, etc. work at an optimum level.
Sadly, no hardware is 100% robust and support staff and technicians are needed to reboot, repair and replace things when they go out of service. While this is not an issue during office hours, but critical equipment failure at 2 AM can affect your business adversely.

Bigger businesses can keep an in house team of system and network engineers in the office 24 hours a day, but for medium and small companies it is not always possible and the only support team available to them is clueless that their services are needed.

One option may be to send an email to the staff either manually or automatically, but at 2 AM the chances are the expert you need is fast asleep and not checking his official emails. In the latest mobile phone study, it was found that by 2016, 2 billion customers worldwide will be using a Smartphone. As these surprising statistics show, mobile phones are now so popularly used that Bulk SMS alerts would be a great tool to use when trying to reach the support team during critical hours.
As a result, it is believed that SMS alerts are a great way for businesses to use during critical hours when it is required to communicate an important message to the pros. But, how and when it should be used?


Smart Messaging service enables your important information, to be sent in the form of SMS. You can send created messages to mobile phones of subscribers on your list as SMS alerts.
By using bulk SMS API services, businesses can ensure that experts will get alerts instantly whenever any software or hardware failure takes place.

Follow these simple steps to send SMS alerts:

  • Create a message of 160 characters listing the information that support staff needs
  • Choose the mobile numbers of the individuals that this information needs to reach
  • You can also automate your messages and send them directly to the mobile phones of the staff when any of your software or hardware malfunctions.


You can send SMS alerts whenever required and with as many message variations as required. You can also send two different SMS alerts to different teams like you can alert staff about hardware failure and another expert by a server failure.

You can use SMS alerts not just for IT but for many more business operations and departments of your company.
Millions of people use a smartphone and carry them always so the ability to send immediate alerts to these people just when required is a benefit that shouldn’t be ignored. So, without further ado, contact a reputed and established smart Transactional service provider now for more details and to get started.