Know Everything About The World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

Every year, on the 27th of September the world celebrates World Tourism Day. Annually, this day is celebrated to be aware of the people globally on the significance of tourism, and it’s the importance of political, social,  financial, and also cultural value and worth. This day tries to address common difficulties stated by the United Nations of Millennium Development Goals. It is also to recognize and feature the commitment the tourism industry can achieve these objectives. 

Tourism can help us build a better future for countries. Around the globe, the tourism sector is supporting many millions of jobs, a leading source of employment, and driving economies forward, both at the national and the local level. This day is the result of the hard work done by the UN’s specialized agency, the World Tourism Organization (WTO). If you’ve ever passed through a beautiful, perfectly-preserved European village or town, you’ve surely seen the World Tourism Organization at work. Ensuring sustainable tourism and boosting local economies are but a few of the advantages of the WTO. 

Unique Theme

This day is celebrated by having a unique theme every year for making aware people all over the world. The theme of the event celebration is always aimed to promote tourism everywhere. Every year the day is celebrated aiming to inform people about the importance of tourism.  

Tourism has become a continuously developing and growing economic sector globally because of the occurrence of new destinations and various attractions for tourists. So, tourism has become the main source of income for many developing countries.

Every year, a message is sent to the general public by the UNWTO Secretary-General to participate in the event. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and interest by the various government & private agencies, tourism enterprises, organizations, etc. on this day many events and competitions are organized at the tourist’s spots,  such as photo competitions promoting the tourism, tourism award presentations including free entries, discounts/special offers to the general public.

Knowledge and skills

As technology is changing the way we travel, so we should change the way we work. Tourism is leading the way in providing workers with the knowledge and skills they need for their jobs in the future. Embracing this creative spirit, including through effective collaboration with partners in the technology sector and academia, will drive the creation of more and better jobs.

Different types of competitions are held on the occasion of world tourism day, such as tourism award presentations in areas such as ecotourism, as well as photo competitions promoting tourism. Other activities include discounts, free entries, or special offers to any site of tourism interest for the general public. Our government and community leaders, as tourism business representatives, may make public announcements or organize fares or offer special tours to promote both their tourism and region on the occasion of world tourism day.

But this year, going out on world tourism day is not safe for all of us, due to the COVID-19, so stay home and celebrate it with your family. You can travel the world even from your home just with the help of the internet so, this world tourism day let’s do something new.