All You Need To Know About The World Telecommunication And Information Society Day

World Telecommunication And Information Society Day

World’s Telecommunication and Information Society Day aim are to lift awareness of the use of the Internet and other communication and information technologies that will be sent to economies and societies, as well as the ways to build the digital divide.

17th May marks the anniversary of the signing of the creation of the International Telecommunication Union and the first International Telegraph Convention. It is another purpose to increase awareness of how crucial communication is in our lives, and stimulate the development of technologies in the field. 

Know about World Telecommunications Day

The World Telecommunications Day has great connections with the International Telegraph Union, in 1865 the committee was formed to support the emerging communication methods of the time. ITU was present throughout all the amazing breakthroughs in communication – the launch of the first satellite in 1957, the invention of the telephone in 1876, and, ultimately, the birth of the Internet in the 60s.

The ITU has since changed its name to International Telecommunications Union, it still an important entity in the field of communications, thus remaining in the spotlight at World Telecommunications Day.

History of World Telecommunications Day

Every year, World Telecommunications Day has been celebrated since the 17th of May in 1969. This date has been selected because it is the same date as to when the International Telegraph Union was founded. This happened when on the 17th of may 1865 the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris. Formally, The celebration was instituted at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in 1973 in Malaga-Torremolinos, Spain. Each year, a topical theme is selected, and there are celebrations that happen around the globe in order to celebrate World Telecommunications Day.

How to celebrate World Telecommunications Day

Several different things that you can do in order to celebrate World Telecommunications Day. Certainly, we would recommend looking at the theme for the year, and you can then do some further research into this. Themes of every year are important, yet they are very broad too, which means there is no shortage of the different things that you can learn about. This is the best opportunity for you to increase your knowledge of all things communications related. 

Also, you can give tribute to people who had a massive impact on the techno and telecommunications industry. There are so many incredible women and men who have made a difference.

The work is not over yet when it comes to telecommunications. There are a lot of remote and rural areas that are not able to access the telecommunications that we are. Of course, third-world countries do not have access to the same technology level that we have. It is certainly worth looking into the projects that are in process. You may even be able to sign-up to a project so that you can contribute your efforts, whether this means creating a donation, donating some time, or spreading the word! So, this World Telecommunication and Information Society Day contributes your time to celebrate this great day.