Know Why The World Humanitarian Day Is Celebrated 

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day on August 19 globally honors humanitarian aid workers. It was established in 2009 by the UN, this day commemorates the anniversary of the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Iraq. 22 people lost their lives, including the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Humanitarian aid workers provide life-saving assistance to suffering people all over the world. Those workers who live in conflict zones or areas devastated by natural disasters are especially vulnerable. Anyone and everyone can be a humanitarian, so read on to learn more about the day and how you can help.

The day is usually held as a rally for those who contribute relentlessly towards the society to help those who are in a crisis. It could be a disaster or a violence-prone area; people who go out of their ways to offer help and bring the affected communities to a safer place are given a day of respect. Some greater souls also risk and lose their lives in such activities of service.

World Humanitarian Day History

Humanity in the broadest sense means offering service or charity activities selflessly without any intentions. World humanitarian day came into effect after the death of Sergio Vieira de Mello and his close 21 associates after they were killed at a bombing scene in the UN center at Baghdad.

Baghdad came into the fore of world issues because military personnel capsized the country, and the citizens were badly affected by the events that took place. Sergio, a native of Brazil, took to humanitarian efforts and deployed himself with his associates to serve people and help them come out of their inherent troubles.

Grave situation

The world witnessed a grave situation as Governments collided overpowers, but victims were usually the common men who suffered the most. In this regard, Sergio vowed to establish in the country a paradise of peace and tranquillity, a place for love and brotherhood. He spent almost three decades working day in and day out, serving those affected by warring nations and tried his best to alleviate the pain of thousands of them.

As an occupation, “humanitarian aid workers” isn’t an extremely popular profession. Simply put, there can never be enough humanitarian aid workers out there. Every year, millions of people need humanitarian assistance as a result of disasters both natural and man-made. World Humanitarian Day reminds us of the increasing need for humanitarian workers who can give selflessly of their time.

How to observe the day 

There are humanitarian organizations all over the world in need of resources. If you can donate your time to one of these organizations, that’s wonderful. If you can’t, a monetary donation would go a long way in supplementing workers’ resources to help suffering communities. There may be plenty of options for you to do just that close to home. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter, a nursing home, a hospital, or a place that serves underprivileged children.