Workout With a Recumbent Bike

Many of us are suffering from back pain during some moment in our lives. This may be because we inherited it from our bloodline or we acquired it from an unhealthy lifestyle and habitual bad posture. According to statistics, there are about 31 million people who are going through back pain in the United States alone.

There are many classifications of back pain. Minor back pains maybe because of sprain, irritated joint, or ruptured disk while others have escalated conditions of back pains such as skeletal diseases. We should avoid back pain or lessen it by exercising, which is always the best answer your doctor might always tell you before your back pain might worsen. Being active indoors and outdoors will always be the best defense against many ill conditions.

One exercise that is recommended is to go on cycling. If you want to go on biking now, there are many recumbent bike reviews available on the internet where you could find many honest reviews, but you should always consult your fitness instructor and your friends who have many opinions on what is the recumbent bike fit for you so as not for you to spend money on a bike not fit for you.

Understanding your lower back pain and the recumbent bike

You will need to use a comfortable recumbent bike for back pain. As a good stationary bike when you have a painful back condition because it has lower back support as a feature compared to other bikes.

Due to age or injury, you might develop degenerative disk disease that is considered to be a painful back condition. This is caused when the spinal discs become dented. The spinal discs function as protector to keep the back flexible. When you will feel an acute pain with this condition, this makes the usual movement hard to do especially that your bones are not stable already.

Differences between a recumbent and an upright bike

When you don’t want to put pressure on your joints when you are cycling, trying to ride on a stationary bike will provide a workout without that much impact.

When you use a recumbent exercise bike, you will be riding in a lounged position. This bike is the best choice when it comes to choosing a bike when you are considering your back pain. A recumbent bike will provide a backrest that will support your lower back, thus decreasing the likelihood of developing any back pain. This is more comfortable to use rather than the upright because of the backrest feature.

Just like an ordinary bike, an upright stationary bike is designed just like that. But instead of these bikes running on the road, you will be sitting on it in an upright position. You can shift positions to work your core muscles.

When choosing the right recumbent bike for you

You should be comfortable. That should be your goal when it comes to purchasing a bike. Especially that you need to consider your back pain then you need to choose your purchase carefully when it comes to various bike brands and many others. According to The American College of Sports Medicine, they said that the most essential thing to consider is your position when you ride on the bike because back pain could make it too hard to move.

When you purchase a recumbent bike, it is going to be the best decision because you can sit on a lounged position. You can even raise the seat. By raising the seat, it becomes semi-recumbent. When you sit in a reclined position, you can minimize the pressure off your bike. There is another suggestion. According to Spine-Health, you should choose a bike that you can adjust the seat easily to the height of your hip.

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