Sports Coach in the USA

Right from the high school sports level to professional sports, coaching positions can be found in every level of sports. With each level, the coach has diverse responsibilities and various categories of educational backgrounds are needed for a coach to qualify for the position. Relevant sports experience is also a qualifying skill set.

High school coaches may need to divide their time between regular teaching in schools and specialized coaching. Also, they might be required to put in additional work hours – by working nights and weekends – in the sports season. The next level to this is the college and professional level, which has a position for each category of a sports coach. They work under the program’s head coach.

Recruitment of student players and structuring a successful team is the basic responsibility of the head coach. The most prestigious coaching position for a coach is the professional sports coach. They may start their coaching career as college athletes, go on to become a college coach and then move onto the position of head coach. The head coach is an important position and is responsible for organizing, directing and motivating the team.

If you are trying for a soccer scholarship in America, also check these educational qualifications and experience pointers that apply to high school coaches:

Educational requirements of high school coaches:

High school coaches are involved in teaching and as such, it becomes essential, that they have a teaching license and a bachelor’s degree. It is an added advantage if they have a Physical Education, Exercise or Kinesiology or a similar degree. Certification and license are essential in some districts for the coach. Moreover, it is necessary for high school coaches to be CPR certified and schools even conduct a drug test and do background checks.

Experience for High School coaches:

The minimum experience which most of the high school coaches have is of playing sports in the college or in high school. But as a coach, it is vital that they familiarise themselves with the sport’s rules and regulations. At the beginning of the season, it is the responsibility of the coach to authorize and implement changes and attend every game.
Salary of High School coaches:

In the US, as per the Labour Statistics, the yearly mean wage of high school coaches is $33, 570.
Let us look at the required educational qualifications and experience of College Sports Coaches:

Educational requirements for college sports coaches:

Commonly, college coaches have a minimum degree of Bachelor’s or Higher in Sports Science, Athletic Coaching, Physical Education or sports-related area. The classes included in this coursework would be psychology, anatomy, fitness, and leadership theory. Certification necessary for college coaches is first aid certification, CPR certification, or depending upon the employment – specific institution certifications. For training in intercollegiate football training, coaches currently positioned as coordinators and head coaches can put in an application in the NCAA or NFL Coaches Academy.

Experience of college sports coaches:

Any coach starts his career, by high school coaching or coaching for a small college. As coaches tend to stay till their retirement term it is difficult to find jobs in successful programs. These coaches are very important and play an influential role in the players’ sports career.

Salary of college sports coaches:

The salaries of college sports coaches are dependent on factors like team record, size of the school/college and the sport. As per the US Labour Statistics, their yearly average salary is $53,670.