Will VR/AR be ever so prevalent?


In the modern era, technology is growing by leaps and bounds, providing us with a number of products that have met our imagination and also amplified them to great extents. Now, while some of these products become a part of our lives easily, others go up in fumes faster than they appeared.

Two such products are AR and VR handsets. Although quite different in their working, they are closely related. The common purpose of these is to alter our perception of the real world, but the difference kicks in regarding the perception of our presence. While virtual reality essentially transponders users to a different reality, augmented reality takes the reality and adds something to it.

Now while there is no denying the fact that both of these ideas are real gems in the techno-world, the reality is they haven’t grown according to the projections and are nowhere near becoming a major factor in terms of entertainment and education.

Though both the technologies have their distinctive applications, there are certain common drivers that will help in modeling the future of the technology modified reality.
The value: While the Smartphone are quite easy to carry with ease, gaming and entertainment just can’t be perceived as enough value to justify the price tag and the discomfort involved in carrying an AR or VR device around.

Implementation: The steps towards implementation in gaming and entertainment are already under way. Certain companies like Intel TrueVR are offering live streaming of sport games. It’s a great idea, because who wouldn’t want to get the feeling as if they were sitting in the first rows and watching their favorite players perform. Sports betting and casino industries’ attempts to give this new technology a try do have their ups and downs. In the instance of AR, it seems like a great move  to implement this technology when considering what types of games the industry offers, mainly live casino gaming, but on the other hand most users are not ready or don’t own any type of AR device, so browser based platforms are still the main course of entertainment. Mainstream AAA games also got themselves ported into VR, but the reviews are mixed. For some games it was a great experience, while others were never meant to be a part of VR.

Feasibility: Undeniably AR and VR are quite expensive and it was hoped that once they gain popularity, the lot of market engagement may eventually kick down the prices, but we are talking about major expense involved in leveraging this modern technology.

Replacement with Smart phones: while the two smart devices offers you with the distinctive advantages, but their unrestricted platforms has made it quite a low key device preferred. Surely it will allow experiencing the education and entertainment in whole new facets, but when it comes to long battery life, mobile quality of service for making calls, browsing outside the range of Wi-Fi, all day long, it certainly fails.

Enough engaging Content:  while talking about their prevalence, it is quite crucial to mention about the quality engagement. Quality content is quite crucial in developing as well as retaining a large user base. As importance as the optics and the immersion experiences are, the users should also have the access to the content rich and broader in all aspects.

The prevalence of the two are still at the earlier stage in spite of their inception from quite a long.

When can we expect these technologies to become ever more present in our homes? Honestly, when the prices drop. Mobile phones do possess one or both of these technologies, but for VR you need an additional device to integrate with the phone. Mobile phones are cheap out of necessity, because all of us need them for quick communication. VR and AR serve a lesser purpose for now, albeit AR has basically everything like a mobile phone with a 3D upgrade, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the price.

Certain rumors go around and it is expected of VR and AR to become more popular by 2022, which actually isn’t that far away. Hopefully by that time the devices will be more affordable and more potential will be implemented into the devices, to make them more attractive for using.