The pressure of the exam is already high and the competitiveness is already drowning all your morale, thinking of joining the test series for the better preparation of IIT? No worries, join IIT online test series and settle yourself anywhere as it is easily accessible from your home, from your tuitions, from your workspace. Here are some other benefits of choosing IIT online test series over offline test series.

Study Stpes

  • Customized date and timings:

What better you could ask for a test series where you are given with absolute flexibility in date and time. Also for giving the test, you don’t have to be present at the test center. Choose your set of date and time and you can proceed with the test within the given time frame. Moreover, you can take the number of tests you desire; there is no restriction on the count. IIT online test series gives you the opportunity to leave no stone unturned to crack it and come up with flying colors.

  • A comprehensive analysis on the holistic performance:

Opting IIT online test series not only gives you the better analysis of what you have done but what you haven’t and what should be done within the limited time for the better results.  From getting the analysis of every question, in particular, it tells you the exact time you spend on the attempted questions, the time that should be allocated ideally and the time you have wasted along with several other parameters that can help you in strategizing the attempts of the exam for a better score.

  • Instant feedback and counseling:

One of the best things you can avail from opting IIT online test series is that you are provided with instant feedback and counseling (if you desire) after the test, that helps you in understanding the core problems and the mentoring will resolve your queries  instantly, thus there is no loophole left that could hinder your preparation for exam.

Also the mentoring include the comparative analysis of your test with the toppers test and their methodologies, pointing out what needs to be done, in every particular question so as to score well.

  • IIT online test series is cost-effective too:

One of the major problems faced by every student now and then is the constraint of the budget. Joining the offline IIT test series in several institutions for the comparative and comprehensive preparation is quite expensive, so join the IIt online test series which not only fits in your budget but also provides you with additional benefactors.