Economical and easy to implement, blowing is one of the best ways to isolate attics lost without worries. Blowing consists in projecting insulating wool flakes on the areas to be insulated and guarantees durability and performance. Blowing is an attic insulation technique that consists of distributing the insulating material (mineral or vegetable wool) in the form of flakes on the areas to be isolated using ultra portable insulation machines   designed for the purpose. It thus presents some similarities with the spreading. This technique is indicated for attics that are difficult to reach because the machine remains outside the house while the wool is thrown into the attic.

What are the advantages of blowing for attic insulation?

Projected in the form of flakes, wool can be deposited in every corner and easily reach the thicknesses required to comply with thermal regulations. The risk of compaction of the wool is also reduced which guarantees the durability of the insulation. By choosing used insulation vacuum machines   insulation, you can be sure that the insulation is evenly distributed, which is important for reducing thermal bridging. Blow insulation thus makes it possible to optimize the thermal performance of the house and thus achieve the expected energy savings.

Speed and ease of implementation

The implementation of the blow insulation generally takes only a few hours. No displacement or cutting is necessary. In addition, because the machine is outside the entire operation, blowing does not generate any inconvenience to the occupants. An insulating material in the form of flakes only needs a small space. Once the blowing is complete, there is no need to retouch the insulation or to carry out manipulations.

There are various insulation blowing machines for sale, you can opt any of these as per your need.As a reminder, the attic is attic that cannot be converted. There may be several reasons for this. The slope of the roof may be too weak, there may be a lack of space or the frame is in “W” and thus takes all available space.

Conclusion: Clear removals of materials

Before starting the insulation of its attics by blowing, it is important to check the condition of the floor and the ceiling. Any floor that has any stains or mildew should be cleaned with used insulation vacuum for removal     system. A ceiling with holes should be sealed before receiving insulation.It is important to protect the electrical boxes before starting the insulation. If you have a ventilation system, it must be high enough so that the projected wool cannot penetrate it.

The insulation material chosen should take into account the area in which you live. If you know about hot summers, consider choosing an insulating material that acts against excessive heat. Similarly, if you live in a region with high wind exposure, make sure that the chosen insulation has good wind resistance.

About us:- Finally, every corner of your attic must be insulated with the same insulation material and this also includes the access door to the attic if you have one.

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