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Why Should You Be Getting More Variety in Your PRINCE2 Projects?

Do you sometimes feel that your projects lack variety? If you get a similar piece of work every time then you might find that this stunts the progress you should be making in your project management career. A certified PRINCE2 course can help with this.

Why should you get as much variety as you can in this job? Wouldn’t it be easier to just stick to something that you are already familiar with and comfortable with? The following are a few of the main reasons why you should look to avoid doing the same types of project over and over again.

Learn More Skills

It is no surprise to see that similar projects need you to use the same types of skill every time, even when the processes or systems are different. This is fine up to a point, as you are able to hone those skills over time. However, there will come a time when you have learned all that you can in this way.

Being thrown into new, different projects can be extremely testing at first. This is often a step into the unknown that can be daunting. Yet, it is one of the very best ways of learning new skills every time that you start a new piece of work.

Provided that you have carried out your PRINCE2 Course, you can take on any type of project without any fear. This is because you will understand the principles needed to run any piece of work of this type. It is then a question of learning the other skills that you need for each specific project.

Maintain High Levels of Interest

Will you get bored eventually if you keep working on the same sort of project every time? It is certainly a risk. If you moved into project management because of the variety on offer, you might find that it loses its appeal if you don’t get enough of that variety.

On the other hand, it is pretty exciting to switch between different pieces of work regularly. If you work in a big company then there is probably more scope for switching between highly varied projects that keep your interest levels as high as possible.

It is a great feeling to end one project and then start up something completely different. This will keep your mind sharp and will stop you from getting bored. It will also mean that you always have something interesting to look forward to, even if your current project seems to be dragging on a little too much for your liking.

Enhance Your CV

A project manager who carries out a great variety of projects will also find it easier to build up an impressive CV more quickly. There is far more chance of having something on there that catches the eye of potential new employers.

If you want to progress in your current company then this can also help. You will almost certainly come into contact with more departments and senior managers in this way. This increases the chances of your good work being noticed by the right people.

A great CV is something that will help your future career in many ways. By adding a lot of varied skills and experience to it you will make it more attractive. This means that you will stand out in comparison to someone with more limited project experience. If you take a PRINCE2 course, this can really set you apart.

Sticking to similar types of projects all the time might seem like the easiest approach. However, the benefits of getting more variety in your work are enough to mean that you should be aiming to change as frequently as you can.