Business SuccessIn a world where brands are ferociously competing against one another, it’s important to determine how your mobile accessories business can stand out. Marketing is one aspect that helps your business outshine the competition. But marketing isn’t just about promoting your brand on social media, radio, press, and TV. You need to tap into all the channels, especially the ones that have a high impact and are often overlooked. The packaging is one such medium. 

Premium custom mobile accessories boxes help build a succinct brand personality, attract new buyers, and keep your best customers. This is one element businesses rarely pay heed to. As a result, their products fail to make an impact in the retail environment. 

The retail racks have significant value for every customer. The ones that frequently buy from you. The impulsive buyers who instantly purchase your product and move on to the next one. The ones who are your loyal customers for the past several years. Or the ones who stumbled upon your product and want to buy it now. For all these customers, there are three different stages:      

Reach Customers with Effective Advertising 

If you don’t want to use different types of media to promote your brand or products, retail shelves are your best option to reach your target audience. Take Walmart for instance. About 100 million people visit the store on a weekly basis. Placing your product there means you can greatly increase your reach.  

The Decision-Making Process  

Sure, a lot can be done to promote or advertise a product even before your audience steps into the store, but when customers are standing in front of a retail shelf, they need to make a decision to purchase your product. And even if you have aggressively promoted your product, there is a possibility your customer might have missed it, and your rival brand has a mind-boggling strategy at their retail shelves as a last resort to make your customers choose their product over yours.   

Last Opportunity to Seize the Deal 

You can win the hearts of your customers and turn them into your ardent followers on social media, but they won’t buy from you until you accomplish anything. This means retail rack is your last opportunity to seize the deal with your audience. 

Now that you have developed an understanding of different stages for the customers, we would like to give you some useful tips on how to get your shelving priorities right. 

Location, Location, Location

Location plays a critical role in the success of your product. For example, if your ideal consumer is willing to buy your product, but it isn’t in the right spot you’ll miss the opportunity. It’s extremely important your product should be right in front of your customers’ eyes when they are geared up to purchase it.  

Invest in Quality Packaging Solution

One can’t stress enough how important packaging is for your product. Not only it attracts customers with tempting colors, logos, style, and shape, but it also sets your brand apart from all the competing products. And when it comes to custom mobile accessories packaging it becomes more crucial to design an enticing packaging that improves the brand perception and value of the product. Together, all these elements persuade customers to buy your product.  

Pricing Strategy for Your Product 

Choosing a price for your product is a daunting task. It’s like a cat and mouse game between you and your competition. You win or lose it in so many ways. However, to outsmart your competition, make sure to get this under control. Else, your competing business will stroll away with the business. 


Perhaps, it all may sound quite simple to you but experts at The Legacy Printing believe it requires a lot of effort. But, at the end of the day, it’s worth the time and money when your product frequently gets picked up by the consumers. In a competitive market space, going the extra mile means showing your customers that you have taken care of even the minutest of details to make them feel valued. So, cash in on the opportunity and make a great impression on your consumers.