Why Red Gum Firewood Is the Perfect Choice for Kindling

Nothing can beat propping your feet on top of a cushion next to a fireplace as you sip your favourite beverage or read an action-packed novel. However, one thing that you need to realise is that not all firewood are the same. Even though the fire that is made of coal will meet the same role of heating your place, it may not deliver the same kind of aesthetic appeal that you may be searching for.

Why red gum firewood is the perfect choice for kindling

One of the most popular choices of people is the red gum firewood for sale. Not only is it long lasting but it has good heat and low flame. This ensures that it makes some big coals that are suitable for heating and cooling because of the high amount of heat it is able to retain. Ideally, the Sydney redgum is able to burn at a higher temperature and leaves a very minimal ash. This ensures that it is easy and fast to clean your fireplace. This is why in the recent past, the demand for bulk Redgum firewood has increased.

Redgum contains interlocked grains and can be noted for its reddish hue that ranges from light to deep.  Other features that distinguish it from other types of firewood are the heft, excellent grain and density. It also exudes an aroma that is almost musky and distinctively warm.

It is usually made with the sliced cut method and is used widely to create panel cabinets and furniture. It is available in the shades of red and is offered in different grade variants like, A, AA, B and C.

Why choose redgum sleeper

There are several reasons why redgum firewood for sale is popular. These include:

  • Burns slowly. The wood is able to burn over a period of several hours and therefore, minimizes the need for the frequent refills. The small amounts of firewood supplies can last for a long period of time and can help to save on your money.
  • Easily available. Nowadays, there are many companies that are offering firewood for sale Sydney and in whatever quantity you may need. The ubiquitous nature is one of the reasons that lead to the popularity.
  • High output of heat. The firewood is able to emit enough heat and this means that it is able to heat the room instantly. It also becomes possible to maintain the room temperature for a long period of time and therefore, maintaining it warm and cozy.

Therefore, redgum is a popular choice for your firewood. While it is named after its red color, there are other options that are available in shades that ranges from the light pink to the almost black. The wood is quite hard and therefore a great choice for the fires that last longs.