Every industry enjoys a peak and shortly after that it starts to decline. This is a common economic phenomenon which worked during the first industrial revolution in Europe in the nineteenth century and it will hold true in this age of data driven business as well. Luckily for us we are witnessing the growth of an industry the possibilities of which are yet to be conceived completely. The data analytics industry has grown way faster than expected. A bird’s eye view of the history of industries could have helped to really understand the scenario, however some facts may well help us anticipate the future.

The skill gap

A survey reveals that the global skill gap in the data analytics industry would grow 10 times wider by the end of 2020. This figure may even be an understatement. If we look at the market in India, it is really in a nascent stage with a lot of possibilities yet to be explored. Once investments in Analytics increase and more and more enterprises become interested in adapting big data in their systems the demand for skilled analysts will definitely multiply.

The problem of unemployability

It is often heard that although India produces the highest number of engineers annually a large chunk of them are unemployable. This is allegation is reflected in the lack of recruitment in a lot of colleges. What needs to be understood by job seekers is that they need to possess a combination of trendy technical skills and decent soft skills. A look at the trends will definitely direct you to a data analytics course. It is where the jobs are. The number of jobs Analytics jobs has increased by 300% since 2016.

Train for Excellence

The issue of unemployability can be avoided through training. India is quite ahead of its time when it comes to Analytics training. A fair number of institutes are imparting world class training both in the online and the offline mediums. Both mediums have their pros and cons, and some courses are definitely better than others. People having received SAS training online are finding opportunities around the country and even out of it. Python training is in the same way a prerequisite for a lot of jobs in India. You have to keep an eye open for technologies that show a lot of potential and learn and practise them.

The startup driven market

The data analytics job market depend a lot upon the startups. Similarly the startups too often have to count on fresh talent that can be recruited for a lesser amount of money. Currently the startups in India are found paying more than the larger enterprises. This shows pretty clearly how desperately they want to leverage the data to shoot themselves up the ladder.

Fields like financial analytics, marketing Analytics, healthcare Analytics, are opening up rapidly for the skilled employees. This is the undoubtedly right time to jump into action.