VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol refers to technology that allows users to make and receive calls over an internet connection rather than over a traditional telephonic or cellular network. In recent years the use of VoIP for businesses, especially large enterprises, has blown up. It’s easy to see why: using a virtual phone number offers a host of benefits to its users, of which cost reduction is only the baseline.
online-3307293_640However, it’s time to get rid of the common misconception that using a cloud-based virtual phone system or VoIP systems is viable and fruitful for only large enterprises.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have just as much, of not more, to gain when they invest in a VoIP plan or buy virtual PBX phone system (the economy version of a hosted PBX system). Here’s why getting virtual phone numbers might just be a great decision for your small/medium enterprise.

  • Reduced Costs
    This is obviously the biggest and most sought after advantage of a VoIP system. Every company is eternally looking for ways to reduce costs. For smaller businesses, this becomes imperative as they have fewer resources at their disposal, to begin with. They want reduced costs but not by compromising the quality of the product/service.

    A cloud-based virtual phone system does exactly this. First, infrastructure costs for traditional telephone lines are eliminated. Second, the call costs are cheaper because IP to IP calling costs are nearly negligible. A single data connection can handle all your calls to all your customers, leading to increased sales at reduced costs. Nextiva reviews will show you what the actual users say about using VoIP software in their workflow.
  • Multi-Functionalities
    Today’s VoIP systems have a plethora of features and functionalities in addition to making and receiving calls.

    Leading virtual phone system providers such as RingCentral and CallHippo are jam packed with tons of incredible features including, but not limited to, voicemail, video conferencing, automatic call forwarding and distributing, call recording, and analytics. Even when you buy a virtual PBX phone system, which understandably, has fewer features, you still get access to standard functionalities such as unlimited call handling, auto attendant, and forwarding.
  • Portability
    Although this is a part of the various functionalities of virtual phone numbers, it really stands out. For a business, connectivity is extremely important. Especially, with remote employment on this rise, businesses require excellent connectivity at all times.

    VoIP provides small businesses and their remote teams the ability to stay connected at all times, no matter where they are in the world. It is incredibly useful for sales teams and customer support representatives. They can log in from anywhere in the world and call through the same number, while having access to the same library of contacts. Easy integration with CRM and other information system also allows virtual phone systems to be incredibly portable and flexible.
  • Enhanced Growth
    A direct outcome of reduced costs is an increased potential to expand business. A VoIP system perfectly handles your growing communication needs. Accordingly sales volume can be increased simultaneously without being affected by the expansion operations, as no extra lines are needed to cater to the increased scale of business.

    For SMEs with international operations, there is an even greater scope of growth with cloud telephony. Some providers such as CallHippo provide virtual numbers that are area-specific, using which sales reps can easily contact customers living in a specific region, and they are more likely to respond because of the familiarity of the number. This goes a long way in building customer rapport and enhancing the customer experience, the ultimate aim of which is to bring about greater growth for the company.

Final Words

VoIP has the capacity to change the way your business operates. It doesn’t matter if your business is a large one or an SME. Your small business can just as easily benefit from investment in a cloud-based virtual phone system, as a large enterprise could. Rudimentarily, cloud VoIP technology enhances your business communication and your relationship with your customers. And if any technology helps your company to achieve these objectives, you should consider investing in it. Intelligent usage of a VoIP system will undoubtedly lead to organic growth in your small or medium sized organization.

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