Ever since man realized how he can utilize the power of water, the idea of constructing dams evolved. With the help of dams, it has become possible to control the flow of river waters, channelize them and most importantly; dams have proven to be the most essential aspects when it comes to the point of generating hydro-electricity. These days, with the advent of new technology and mechanisms, dam construction bhas gained new heights.

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Dam construction is being constructed all over the world on different rivers to achieve different types of purposes. No need to mention that is one of the most valuable inventions in the history of mankind; dams have been proven to be of extreme significance and have played instrumental role in towards the process of development and advancement of the human race.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dams?

As mentioned, mankind has derived tremendous amount of benefits by constructing dams. Here are some of them

  • Flood control: Dams are very useful when it comes to the point of controlling floods. Those rivers which are known for flooding every monsoon are being obstructed by dam construction on them. With the help of dams, the flow of water of the rivers can be controlled and this is one of the reasons which for construction of dams came into the picture
  • Water storage: This is another important purpose served by the dams. They help in the process of storing water which can be used when there are shortages of it. As dams can prevent the flow of river water, the same can also be diverted and used for different other purposes.
  • Irrigation: When it comes to irrigating the agricultural lands, dams have played an instrumental role. As mentioned, dam constructions can prevent the flow of water and at the same time channelize it for other purposes. One of the main purposes that are served by the dams is storing water which can then be distributed to agricultural lands through canals.
  • Generation of electricity: Hydro-electricity is one of the main sources of electric power which is being used all over the world. These days, various other energy sources are also used; however, hydro-electricity is the oldest from of mechanism to be used. When it comes to producing hydro power, dams have proven to be indispensable. It is by the process of preventing the water supply and though different other mechanisms, electricity is being generated. Even in this age; when nuclear power is used to produce electricity, dams remain to be one of the most effective and popular mechanisms.
  • Controlling the flow of river: This is another benefit which dams have to offer. They help to control the flow of the rivers. If required, the river water can be channelized to different directions through canals. This not only helps to prevent floods, but at the same time, facilitates the process of irrigation and also to ensure that proper and adequate amount of water is being supplied to the populated areas. By controlling the flow of rivers; different objectives could be met; thanks to dam construction.
  • Controlling debris: Dams are also proven to be quite useful when it comes to controlling debris. They play a major role in the process of retention of detrimental sedimentation and retention of dangerous and hazardous materials. They play an important role in protecting the environment.

These are some of the major purposes that are served by dams. When it comes to making sure that river water is being used efficiently and effectively; dams are the best option available. These days, the process of dam construction has become much quicker; thanks to the technological advancements.