What’s the Role of Metal Buildings in Sustainable Construction

Metal Buildings in Sustainable Construction
Metal Buildings in Sustainable Construction

Did you watch the movie “Man of Steel” or maybe “Max Steel”? What have both in common – the term ‘Steel.’ Yes, steel denotes strength for superheroes. What if you can make your residential or commercial structure with steel? Sounds exciting; we thought so too.

Wouldn’t it be great if you construct a building & you get a rebate in insurance or for being energy efficient too? You would be surprised to know that a sustainable building can help you easily achieve that. So, let’s dive into it & see for yourself how you make a sustainable choice when you buy a prefab metal structure.

Organizations focused on sustainable building practices, such as LEED, use Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to evaluate construction materials’ eco-friendliness for certification criteria. It helps builders determine which products meet the criteria necessary for certification.

So, in case you are wondering about how sustainable metal buildings are, have a look at the following list:

There is less waste during construction.

When you buy a prefab metal structure, all the raw materials are pre-cut & pre-drilled. This reduces the waste & debris on the construction site. And if any little residual metal pieces are left behind, you can collect them and sell them to your nearest scrapyard.

Steel waste created during the construction of buildings is 1/10th compared to the traditional wooden structure.

Traditional buildings, on the other hand, are cut, drilled & shaped on the site. Not just it creates more waste, and it also creates wood dust which is a health hazard. Steel can be recycled several times.

Sustainable metal buildings are ‘green’ by default.

You can choose reflective roof panels that re-emit most of the sunlight, keeping your home warm. Do you know that 25% of the heat loss occurs from the roof & 35% from walls and gaps in doors & windows?

You can use prefab sandwich panels that contain an insulating layer of foam. This will reduce condensation, prevent moisture and save your energy bills as HAVC systems have to work less to maintain temperature. If not, you can use other types of insulator options available. Just make sure they have a high R-value.

To add to your savings, you can also put solar panels on your metal roof. Make sure to discuss this with your metal dealer before finalizing your design. 

They are resistant to environmental conditions.

Sustainable metal buildings are resistant to pests, mold & mildew. Metal frames & posts do not attract termites, nor do they absorb rain water.

Metal structures have a high tolerance against snowstorms, hail, thunder, lightning, and heavy rainfall when compared to wooden buildings. Natural disasters can blow away stick-build structures, but a steel frame will stand firm against it unless there is a direct hit.

Steel = Eco-friendly.

With growing awareness of sustainability, organizations such as the US Green Building Council are implementing regulations for construction companies to become certified as green.

Since steel is 100% recyclable, fewer materials go into landfills. This is an added advantage. Not just that, steel can be recycled multiple times without affecting its strength. Isn’t that great?

Manufacturers use 1/3 less energy than they consume two decades ago to produce steel.

Metal buildings are incredibly durable.  

Admit it – if durable, it will cost less in the long run. When you buy a prefab metal structure, you can rest assured you will be spending less money on its upkeep. Unlike wood, steel does not develop cracks, decay, or rot with time.

The structural integrity of a commercial metal building remains intact throughout its lifespan. With time, you do not have to worry about the disintegration of frames or panels.

So, when you buy a prefab metal structure, the following points must be given priority:

  • Your metal roof panels should reflect away heat & sunlight as much as possible.
  • If your budget allows you to, switch to solar panels.
  • Ensure that your insulator has a higher R-value for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Choose LEDs lightning instead of traditional ones as they save energy & produce less heat.
  • For efficiency, you can add windows, vents & skylights to your metal structure.
  • Do not forget to check the certified label & manufacturer’s license before you buy a prefab metal structure.

The Green Star Rating:

In our context, it is to encourage commercial metal buildings to achieve net zero target demands on a global scale. So, do not forget to check for the green star. The reviews are done by an independent third party who gives the overall score.

In a nutshell

Sustainable metal buildings are a modern choice for eco conscious people. They have several advantages over traditional buildings. If you look closely, most commercial metal buildings are made of steel. The reason is simple.

Steel is long-lasting, resilient & low maintenance. So, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it? And as if that is not enough, you also get incentives from the government for making energy efficient buildings. So go for it! Go metal, go green.