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What Your Responsibilities are When Renting a Car


When we pay for rent-a-car service, this does not make us entirely dispense from all responsibilities

The most pleasant and easy decision is when we are abroad on holiday, to rent a car with all possible extras so that we can have an experience of its fullest. If we are planning to go to Bulgaria and we are thinking to make a deal for renting a car in Sofia (car hire in Sofia), we can be sure that the company staff will give us consolation about all the rights that we have. But we are not entirely dispensed from all responsibilities, so this is something important that should be kept in mind by rent-a-car clients.

We will get a vehicle in excellent condition, as we are going to establish this by ourselves when we make inspection of the car. We will have the opportunity to enjoy its comfort and functionality, but the insurance will not cover damages that are caused by our fault.

It is absolutely forbidden that the driver is using the car while he is intoxicated, to cause road accidents due to inappropriate speed, to take unnecessary risks, putting in danger the other participants in the traffic.

The allowed speed is:

  • in settled areas – up to 50 km/h

  • out of the city – 90 km/h

  • on highways – 130 km/h

You should this important information somewhere that you can easily see it, so that you do not fall under the watchful police patrols. If you are driving above the speed that is allowed you can easily get fined by police officers, and you will not remember the good times that you had during your holiday but the negative experience that you had.

It is important to know what exactly the rent-a-car contract includes when you are signing it. The information about the car insurance, and what part of the payment in case of damage is borne by the insurer, you will know what you should do in case the car was stolen or got crashed, and you will know if the amount covers damages on the tires, the compartment, and the windows of the rented vehicle.

All potential problems that can arise from misunderstandings and confusing issues could be prevented if you get in contact in advance with the company that you have chosen. No matter if you will write an e-mail or you will make a phone call, you can ask your questions, get the respective answers and you can make references if you have doubts about something.