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What Type Of Tyres Should You Use To Save Energy?

Type Of Tyres

Are you interested in reducing your energy consumption and saving money on fuel? Tyres are often forgotten when it comes to making a car more energy efficient. Choosing the right tyres can have a big effect on your gas mileage and help make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

20% of the car’s fuel use is because of its wheels. That is why many drivers choose energy-saving tyres to get more miles out of their fuel. Fuel-efficient tyres are becoming more popular as drivers become more aware of how their driving and tyres affect the environment and add to CO2 emissions. 

What are energy-saving tyres? 

Energy-saving tyres also called low rolling resistance tyres, are made to reduce the amount of energy lost due to rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the amount of force needed to keep the tyre moving on the road surface. Energy-saving tyres are made to lower this resistance, which means that they use less fuel and use less energy.

Difference between normal tyres and energy-efficient tyres

The low rolling resistance is the main difference between energy-efficient tyres and other tyres. Energy-efficient tyres are known for their benefits, which come from their low rolling resistance. The tyres are made with a special material that keeps heat resistance on the road to a minimum. This is what makes the rolling resistance low. 

Do energy-saving tyres work?

Energy-efficient tyres do make a difference in how much fuel a car uses, giving users more miles per tank of gas. For the wheels to move along with the car, they need energy. Some tyres use more energy because they fight against the force of the car’s moving. Energy-efficient wheels are made to move with less force, so they use less energy to move. This is how it works: 

  • Compounds designed to stop energy loss 
  • Less tyre wear due to less tread depth

Cost of fuel-efficient tyres in UAE

In the UAE, fuel-efficient tyres can cost anywhere from AED 250 to AED 1500 per tyre or even more for premium or specialised types. But it’s important to remember that prices can change and may be different at different tyre shops and in different places.

To get a good idea of how much fuel-efficient tyres cost in the UAE right now, you should check with local tyre shops or go to PitStopArabia. You can get exact pricing information from them based on the brand, size, and model of the tyres you want.

Advantages of tyres that save energy

Using wheels with low rolling resistance has a number of benefits. First, they save fuel and cut down on greenhouse gases. Second, because they don’t get as hot, these tyres tend to last longer, which saves money in the long run. Also, LRR tyres make the ride smoother and quieter, which makes driving more comfortable overall.

Tips for the best energy efficiency

Consider using the following ideas to save the most energy:

  • Choose wheels that are easy to roll.
  • Ensure proper tyre pressure.
  • Use wheels that are made for each season.
  • Practise fuel-efficient driving skills.
  • Lessen the wind resistance and weight of the car.
  • Maintain and fix your tyres often.

Why regular tyre maintenance is important?

Maintenance is important for both safety and saving energy. Keep your tyres fully inflated, aligned and balanced to reduce rolling resistance and get the most out of your gas mileage. Also, having your car checked for wear and tear often will help you find problems early and keep them from becoming road risks.

Which tyre saves the most fuel?

There are things to look for to find fuel-efficient tyres and find out how fuel-efficient they are. All tyres that save energy have a sticker that says “energy-efficient.” This shows you three important things you’ll need to think about when looking for energy-saving tyres:

  • Noise: The noise levels of tyres are recorded in decibels (dB) using a new class system that ranges from A to C. The noise level of quiet tyres is between 67 and 71 dB. The sound waves at the highest level are between 72 and 77 dB.
  • Wet grip: This shows how well the tyres work in the rain, with A being the best and E being the worst. 
  • Fuel Efficiency: The fuel efficiency class of a tyre will be between A and E, based on how well it rolls. The most efficient tyre is A, which will save you gas money. The least efficient tyre is E, which will use the most gas. 

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 and the Continental EcoContact 6 are two of the most popular energy-saving tyres sold by PitStopArabia. Both are high-quality tyres with a lot of extra features and perks that will help you get the most out of your car. 


Choosing the right wheels for your car is important if you want to save energy. By choosing tyres with low rolling resistance, taking into account weather changes, and keeping the right tyre pressure, you can save a lot of fuel and help make the world a better place. Remember that even small changes in how you choose and care for your tyres can save a lot of energy over time.