What to expect for your private equity salary, bonus and carried interest in the U.S., Europe and Asia

If you want to have a career in a financial sector or even if you want to become an investment banker then PE firms is the best way to go. Even if you want to have a full-fledged career in the firm, then you should know about all the industry.

So what do you need to succeed in a PE firm – qualifications, skills and certifications. How much would you be earning and what are the future prospects in the industry if you wish to choose it. Let’s have a look

Private Equity Jobs – All You Need to Know

For private equity jobs require more than education, skills, credentials and certifications. Of course education plays an important role, however, at times, more than education it is your soft skills that would pay in the corporate world. And private equity is no different. So here’s what you need to acquire if you are seeking private equity jobs.

Certification is definitely the top most thing, and other than certification it is skills like –

  1. How people friendly you are?
  2. How comfortable you are in working with people at close quarters
  3. How strong are your research and analytics skills?
  4. How strong are your communication skills?

If you have mastered the above-mentioned soft skills, then you are partly ready for private equity careers. Partly because you would still need to have education and credentials to prove a prospective recruiter that you would be a perfect hire for a firm.

Remember that recruiters are seeking an experienced candidate. Yes, even at the entry level. Internship is the best way to earn experience in the field. Private equity is no different, in fact experience would only get you bonus points during interview. Recruiters also need experienced people because there is no room for error in private equity jobs.

Since private equity firms deal with numerous vectors of finances, matching your skills to the experience becomes important. But there is one more thing that you would need to succeed and that is certifications.

Private Equity Careers & Certifications    

If you are planning a career in private equity and have even been preparing for it by getting the right education, then you should know that there is more than education that would help you make a successful private equity professional. Certifications would give your career the much needed boost and would help you break the ice with recruiters. The private equity career graph would depend on two important things supported by your education and skills. The important things are experience and certifications. You would not learn as much in a classroom as much you would learn in the real world, where you would be dealing with real time challenges on a daily basis.

There is no dearth of private equity jobs but the recruiters or hiring managers are quite choosy about the candidate. So if you want to succeed in private equity job you need to have the right education, skills, experience and certifications. Absence of any one of them would might get you the job but success would be a long trek.

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