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What to do and Where to go When You Visit Split

Split is a scenic city of Croatia that offers visitors a vast range of touristic attractions to explore, enjoy and appreciate. The old city is located on the Adriatic Sea’s eastern shore and is the biggest on the Dalmatian coast boasting a total population of around 200,000 residents. Being Croatia’s second-largest city, it’s rulers have encompassed the Romans, Greeks, and Turks. Every single culture has left behind a great mark on the city.

Split is expressly renowned for its spectacular beaches and Roman ruins, such as Diocletian’s Palace that lies in the heart of Split’s Old Town. Overall, Split has tremendous lots of beautiful attractions that make it easy for any traveler to figure out why it (Split city) is amongst the fastest-growing destinations in the entire Mediterranean region.

Split For Tourists

What to Expect When Vacationing Split

Apparently, you need to ease up whenever you visit Split as there are loads of things to do and see in this charming destination. As the largest Dalmatian town, expect it to be vibrant, fascinating and fun. Expect to visit the museums and art galleries, stroll along the city’s seafront promenade, chill out at the beach or hike Marjan hill.

Explore Split Old Town

A visit to Split’s Old Town is absolutely one of the many things to expect when vacationing Split. The oldest section of the city, which dates back to the early 4th century, is set in the Roman palace. History has it that the Roman emperor named Diocletian built the palace as his retirement home. The supposed palace is not only an enormous historical site but also the nerve center of Split’s day-to-day life.

Explore Split Old Town


The entire old town of Split appears as though it’s a vast open-air museum, and you might get less interested in visiting the actual museums. But make no mistake, Split houses some of the most enthralling museums in the world. You can expect to visit the following museums if you’re in the city for a couple of days or more:

Split Town Museum

Located in a 15th century Gothic Palace, Split Town Museum is a small and enticing museum that you shouldn’t miss to visit. This old museum provides a very appealing overview of the town’s history and development throughout the times.

Archaeological Museum of Split

It’s Croatia’s oldest museum that showcases artifacts from the ancient Roman, Greek, medieval, early-Christian and prehistoric times. The purported museum is situated a 15-minute walk from the old town.

Archaeological Museum of Split

Ethnographic Museum of Split

This museum houses such things as pottery, furniture, traditional clothing, jewelry and many other artifacts from the life of the city inhabitants and throughout history. An ethnographic museum is located at the heart of the ancient town, and the entrance fee to the museum is affordable for everyone.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is another great experience everyone should expect when vacationing Split. Apparently, virtually all the local tour agencies offer this fantastic tour in their package. Normally, one has the option to choose between two sea kayaking tours; morning and sunset tours. The two different tours comprise paddling around the Marjan Hill, in conjunction with many other thrills like organized swimming, snorkeling along with cliff jumping stops.

Sea Kayaking

Transportation in Split, Croatia

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