What to do in New York for free!

New York City is the heart of the United States of America. It is every traveler’s dream, and they want to visit it for at least once in their lives. It is no doubt that New York City is the most popular city amongst wanderers, and for all the good reasons. For the USA, NYC is the business and cultural hub, and in many ways, it is considered as the financial capital of the country. New York has everything for everyone and for every style. The best thing about this city is that it offers all its attractions for every budget. There are different things to do in New York for all people with diverse priorities, backgrounds, and culture. Every second you spend in this city is indeed worth every penny.

NYC: A tourist’s dream destination

With so much to see in NYC, it is always wise to do some research and put together all the resources in your budget. When a city has something for every taste and style, it requires some time to look for things that seem special to you. In New York City’s case, the place is full of hidden gems, significant places, and landmarks.

For people who love art, there are so many galleries and museums, for people who love history, there is a lot to see, for all foodies, this city has some of the most delicate taste in the world, and for people who are shopaholics, NYC is the mecca of fashion and trends. So there is so much to explore and do in this place that one can always keep counting and never finish. But what if there is no budget for a traveler who is in New York? What can he or she do for free?

When you want to visit a city free of any cost, there is always a little to offer. However, this is not the case with New York. There is simply so much to see here that if you want to visit some amazing places, New York will still amaze you beyond your imaginations. You can drop a few bucks if you want to visit the top deck of the Empire State Building or eat at any fancy restaurant. But there are many things that can be done in this city for free. A city overloaded with landmarks and gems, but you will always need a guide about the places that can be visited without spending a penny. So for this reason, we have decided to spill our deans, and in this article, you will learn about things and places that can be done and seen in NYC for free. So read on, and enjoy this article.

What to do in New York for free

Following are some great things you can do and see in New York City for free to make your travel and leisure one of the best. Make sure you visit them, as they don’t cost anything except time, and they are worth it.

Visiting St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral is the official seat of the archbishop of New York. This building is made in a gothic style architecture with American features as well as European touch. This cathedral is a great place to see and explore in New York, and it is equally significant. You can visit it for free as there is no ticket upon entry and wandering around. We highly recommend you to undertake this tour.

New York’s Public Library

Most of the people don’t like to visit libraries, especially when they are touring a city like New York. But New York’s Public library is an exceptional place to visit. This place has one of the largest collection of books, maps, videos, musical scores, periodicals, research, and other items, and they make up more than 52 million items. There are also some special items on exhibit in Public Library such as artwork, photographs, manuscripts, archives, rare books. The best thing about this place is that it is totally free for everyone. So do visit this majestic place when visiting New York. Libraries and old places always have something special to them, and a person who knows their importance always believe they have a soul.

Brooklyn Bridge

Built in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark of New York City. It connects Manhattan with Brooklyn, and since its inception, the 3455 feet long bridge has become a great attraction of this city. This bridge has inspired artists, musicians, poets, writers, painters, and entertainers. The view of Manhattan is quite enchanting from this bridge, and people take tours to take pictures and make videos, or even to find peace amidst the chaos of the city.

The Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal or better known as Grand Central Station in New York’s one of the few great gateways. This place is magnificent beyond the description of words. From the Beaux Arts Façade that stretches along 42nd street, to the beautiful clock and statues of Mercury, Minerva, and Hercules. This place is truly a must visit for everyone. You can see all this beauty in free of cost. So enjoy your trip to the Grand Central Terminal and make the most of it.

Times Square

If we say that Times Square is one of the most unique and iconic features of New York, then we are not wrong in saying that. This place has fascinated everyone beyond their imaginations, and New Yorkers have also felt very proud of this Square. Times Square hosts the biggest celebrations of the New Year in the whole country. You can party at this place in New York style.

Central Park

Located right in the heart of Manhattan, The Central Park of New York always fascinate visitors of all age groups, genders, and nationalities. This place is like a perfect green space in a desert of sky-piercing buildings. You can enjoy a pleasant walk here with your loved one, do some workout, or even visit the Central Park Zoo with your kids. It is certainly a place to be entertained for free.

Staten Island Ferry

New York is known for many landmarks. But Statue of Liberty is the most prominent of them all. This landmark is known all over the globe as one of the Wonders of the World. To see it, you need to board a boat known as Staten Island Ferry. You can see the whole city and the skyscrapers from this unique ride, and most importantly you can gaze upon the Statue of Liberty. This ride is truly a thrilling experience, and as there is no cost for it, it is certainly the best thing you can do for free.