What Can a Private Investigator Do for You?

Private Investigator

For some of us, the term “private investigator” conjures up images of smokey offices and Bogart-like figures in fedoras. But private investigators aren’t all movie-magic gumshoes. They’re real professionals who use modern techniques and best practices to uncover the truth for their clients. And someday, you may need their help.

Private investigators handle a lot of tasks and different sorts of investigations. Here are a few things that a private investigator could do for you.

Perform an asset search

If you’re owed money and you suspect that your debtor may have some hidden assets or accounts stored away, then you’d benefit from an asset search. In these cases, you should call a private investigator. And there are plenty of situations where you might want to have an asset search done.

An asset search gives you a more complete picture of another party’s financial situation. It helps you evaluate their net worth and reveals hidden stores of wealth that you might not have known about. This makes an asset search an extremely valuable thing to have in many different situations.

Take divorce, for example — when you’re allocating assets between you and your ex, don’t you want to have full knowledge of what those assets are? Asset searches can also be valuable in other legal situations. For instance, you’ll want to know that someone can afford to pay a settlement or court award before you spend lots of time and money suing them. Asset searches are also useful in the business and investment worlds.

Catch a cheating spouse

If you suspect your spouse is cheating and want to know the truth, a private investigator can be an important ally. Private investigators are careful and discreet, and your spouse will never know that you had them checked out.

Cheating spouses are all too common. As much as a quarter of the ever-married male population admits to cheating, and ten to 15 percent of ever-married women admit the same. You have a right to know if you are married to one of these people. Finding out the truth may be a relief or it may be difficult, but either way, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the truth. You may also gain an important piece of information that you could use in divorce proceedings.

Win a child custody battle

Things can get messy when children are involved. If you’re not using every tool at your disposal, you may come up on the short end of things. Worse yet, your child could suffer from being left in the care of someone who is irresponsible, abusive, or otherwise unfit to raise a child.

Courts need proof before they mess with child custody agreements. If you’re going to get justice for you and your child, then you need to reach out to a private investigator in order to learn more about the person or people who are raising your child. You should work with your attorney to make sure that your private investigation services can strengthen your case in family court.

Perform a background check

Before you rent your property or hire an employee, you need to know for sure that the person in question is reliable and trustworthy. And the only way to know that is to perform a background check.

The most reliable and extensive background checks that you’ll be able to get will come from private investigators. If the person you’re considering is a criminal or owes money to the wrong sort of people, then you need to find out as soon as possible, before you put that person in a position of trust.