Finding the best Florida child support lawyer is a long shot. This is because in the entire state of Florida there may be a handful of good child support lawyers. Now, what we need to find are the great ones. So, let’s look at what the child support act means and look at certain traits of great child support lawyers in the state of Florida.

Child Support

It is a payment that needs to be paid on a regular basis towards the benefit of the child, ones the parents have divorced. As per Florida law, every child has the right to gain support from both parents (this includes non-custodial parents). This also means that both parents need to work hard towards providing the support to the child.

Child Support Act

The child support act of 2010 state 2 major changes. They are:

  1. When a child turns 18, his/her parents can no longer seek an order from the court to terminate child support. The new orders towards child support should include the amount of support towards each child. There must also be a timetable that indicates the support being lend.
  1. Overnight visits with a non-custodial parent are changed to allow fewer overnights, which in turn will reduce child support payments. 73 overnights are enough in a year compared to the prior 146.

The child support guidelines in Florida are the laws which determine the amount of child support to be meted. But, how would you know where to go and find these laws? Who can guide you in times of turmoil and emotional angst? Why the great Florida child support lawyer of course!


Great Child Support Lawyer

A great child support lawyer needs to address the following:

  1. Scenarios

A top child support lawyer needs to give you access to printouts and other material related to child support laws.

  1. Analysis

A great child support lawyer needs to analyze every bit of information regarding claims of the order and the desired output. The investigation towards the claim is also important.

  1. Finance

A reputed child support lawyer will reduce your burden of worry and help you attain maximum results. A solid child support agreement needs to be prepared based on the parent’s finances.


There you have it! What makes a good Florida child support lawyer, is the connection he/she creates with the worrisome parents and help them get the best solution in terms of finance and solidarity.