Of course, we usually don’t get to choose the projects that we are going to work on. But just imagine that we did have this opportunity. Being able to choose your next piece of work based on your skills, interests and preferences sounds like the ideal way of working, doesn’t it? Finding out on a PRINCE2 foundation course is a great way to progress.

Yet, could you trust yourself to make the best possible choice in this matter? Or is there a risk that you might choose poorly and end up with something you don’t like and don’t learn from? Let’s take a glance at what the ideal first project might look like?

An Easy Start?

Is an easy start the perfect approach for your first ever PRINCE2 project? It might seem so, especially if you aren’t particularly confident about getting going. Perhaps a short and sweet project would let you ease yourself gently into your new role from day one?

However, you are clearly going to face far more demanding pieces of work in the future anyway. Bearing this in mind, it might make more sense to start off as you mean to go on. Beginning with a reasonably tough project can get you into the swing of things a lot more quickly.

The Chance to Learn?

With any type of job, the early days are when you can expect to soak up a lot of information in little time. This is when you will feel most comfortable asking a lot of basic questions and trying to find your feet. The more you learn at this stage the better for your long-term future.

Naturally, you may come to this first project fresh from your PRINCE2 Course. In this case, you will be keen to put your new knowledge to good use in a real-life piece of work. If you keep an open mind then you are guaranteed to pick up plenty of other skills in your first few days and weeks too.

Make New Contacts

As with every new role, you need to start networking and making contacts. Getting to know your team, your stakeholders and the end users is a vital part of the settling in period. The sooner that you get this one the more comfortable you will feel that you know exactly who you are working with.

Some projects are more suitable than others in this respect. For instance, you might need to hold a lot of meetings or workshops in which you get to know everyone else involved. One thing you won’t want is the sort of project in which you feel as though you are alone and from the rest of the people in it.

Grow in Confidence

What should you be looking for overall from your first PRINCE2 project? The one thing above all else that you need to get from this is the feeling of growing confidence. It is normal for a new project manager to feel nervous and unsure when they first get started. This is when a solid PRINCE2 Course can really help cement the ideas.

However, by the time this piece of work comes to an end you should feel that you are well on the way to becoming a confident, skilled project expert. This change doesn’t happen overnight, but by doing the right things you will slowly begin to feel your confidence levels start to rise.


The truth is that you are highly unlikely to have much of a say in the first project that you are handed. This is fine, though, as you can make the most of whatever comes your way. Do a great job on your first project and everything should start to fall into place for your future.

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