Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the international job market. There is a greater need for knowledgeable managers and administrators for leading healthcare facilities and specialised departments, across the globe.If you are interested in landing a career in the field of health management, you will be surprised to know that it offers job opportunities beyond just caring for patients. Read on to find out about some of the potential employment sectors that earning a health care management degree can make you eligible for!

  • Patient care services–Health management division within patient care services, also referred to as care management involves the complex healthcare needs of patients within a healthcare establishment. While holding a managerial position in this sector you will be mainly accountable for controlling health care costs by better managing patient conditions, minimising hospitalisations and avoiding emergency department visits.
  • Nursing administration–This department requires its professionals to be experts at building collaborative relationships among interdepartmental staff members and the management, with the purpose of implementing the overall vision of the healthcare organisation. Besides coordinating and supervising the delivery of health care necessities, you will be executing large-scale policy planning, staff management and financial resource management.
  • Government relations–Healthcare managers working in government relations department are experts at handling the complex relationship between hospitals and government entities. Hospital government relations professionals take on the crucial role of acting as the spokesperson for respective hospitals they are employed at to the local, state and federal government entities.
  • Planning and development–The role of professionals working in the health planning and management industry is a combination of both executive and administrative tasks. While holding this position you will be engaged in the processes involving planning, implementation and evaluation of a predetermined objective of a healthcare institute.
  • Human resources–More and more organisations are becoming aware of the legal and ethical issues related to the safety and welfare of employees. This is the reason behind the increasing need for associating human resource management with health care organisational activities and operations. In this sector, you will be working within the unique partnership between the HR department and management in the field of health care.
  • Information systems–Health management information systems (HIMS) is essential for strengthening the overall healthcare system. Professionals working in this division handle a data collection system tailor-madeto support planning, management and decision making within health facilities and organizations.On a regular basis, you may have to document information on individuals and families related to vaccines, family planning, maternal and child health, HIV treatment and support.

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