There is no doubt that President Donald Trump’s first year in office has been a turbulent one filled with controversy, just as many expected that it would be. Voted into office toward the end of 2016, Trump took up office in the White House on January 20th 2017 when he was inaugurated as the new president.


This January marks his first year in office as the President of the United States, and Trump took to Twitter on New Year’s Even to talk about what a year it had been and how great 2018 was going to be. A number of White House officials have also spoken out about what they expect to see on Donald Trump’s Agenda for the coming year and do doubt this will spark plenty of reports and debates on channels such as CNN News Live online streaming.


So what is on the agenda?


While the president himself has not yet revealed exactly what his focus will be on over the coming year, various White House officials believe that they have a good idea about some of the key agenda items that the president will be focusing on. We are bound to hear about some of these on TV and free live news channels over the coming weeks. Some of these include:


  • North Korea: With all of the issues in relation to North Korea, this is thought to be one of the key agenda items for the president over the coming year. It is through that Trump will be lobbying countries such as China and others to take steps that would force the country to give up in terms of the nuclear weapons program. He has already travelled to Asia in order to discuss this but the president’s efforts have so far been snubbed by the North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un.


  • Infrastructure projects: Another topic that many believe will be high on the agenda for the President is infrastructure with his bid to direct funding towards projects that will help to transform. In the proposal for the 2018 budget, the President asked for $200 million in funding over the period of a decade. While he didn’t have much luck with these plans in his first year of presidency, many believe he will be making a push for it this year.


  • Healthcare: Trump already spent a lot of time and effort on trying to wipe out and replace the Affordable Care Act that was brought in by his predecessor, Barack Obama. He did not have much luck overhauling it last year due to a lack of votes. However, the chances are that he will continue to try and oust Obama Care in 2018.


Of course, there will be a wide range of other items on the agenda, some of which are ongoing areas such as security. When watching online news over the coming months, there are various topics you are likely to hear about such as immigration, Iran, US debt levels, and other topics that the president will be intending to tackle over the course of this year.