This is the most overheard myth from theThe myths are gripping every sector and every industry and the schools are no exception. There is this rise in technology, which has given birth to new types of schools which are said to be the best alternatives to public schools. There are so many choices for education that fake facts are being circulated about the public school system. There are many people who tend to believe in such facts and they are using those an excuse to try something new. Nowadays, time is such that anyone is going to believe a rumor or a myth based on the fact that it is believed by a huge audience. Whereas the truth is something else.

Here are the wrong myths about public schools:

Deteriorated education in public schools:

If you are taking every school into account, then the statistics are going to reveal that its a myth. If you look at the quality of education that is being provided by all the other schools, then they are nothing less than the premium schools. These institutions are funded by the government. This is why they recruit the faculties which are the best in teaching and hold PhDs or are postgraduates. These schools provide the best in-school facilities and take every step to make education as the primary focus.

Students cannot bear the class environment:

 people who preach individual education. It is also true that classroom teaching has been prevalent since the times unknown. Most of the successful people have been out of this environment and made their name. When you are studying with your peers, it instigates a healthy competition that can motivate the student to push himself to another extent. The potential of such students will be pushed to heights. Also, the increased knowledge by sharing will increase the overall value of the education. This can only happen in a public school.

The attention to the students are lost:

This is one of the topmost myths for public schools. But the myth exists only with time. These institutions have been evolving with time and they are attending to all the needs of students. The public school facility is organized in such a way that the faculty group contains head-teachers along with the other educators, who have the responsibility to monitor every student in the class and inquire whether they need anything or not.

The teachers are also taking time out to give individual sessions if the need arises. Every student is being monitored whether are they progressing in studies, sports, etc.

Public schools resist creativity:

This another myth is baseless due to many reasons. Every school follows some extracurriculars which is included in their academic calendar. The students are given a choice where they can choose their own interests. The choice has never been limited to 4-5 areas and these schools have the facility to provide them all. According to the public school review, most of the students in public school are enthusiastic about choosing creative fields and pursuing a career in the future. These schools have been known to motivating students to go for their interests and be creative.

The best school are also known to give their student the freedom to choose from a variety of activities. They incur student’s daily routine time in these activities to which would harness their creativity.

Old age teaching methods:

If you are currently monitoring the public schools, then you are going to find out that more and more students are adopting the modern methods of teaching. There is some public that has changed the classrooms into the smart ones. Other public schools are following the same approach and getting there step by step. Teachers are now imparting education with the help of videos and the libraries in these schools have been equipped with WiFi. They are also providing the students with e-books, guest speaker events which are promoting new ways of imparting education.

These schools have been past the following the same old routines of teaching in the same classroom.

Thus, investing and sending your children to public schools can provide higher quality education to your children and provide more opportunities for them in the future.