Every girl nurtures a dream of being a beautiful bride one day. When we are children, we all dream of having a lavish big wedding with all our family and friends cheering us as beautiful brides. For this reason, our wedding day is the most important day of every woman’s life, not only because she is beginning a new episode of her life but also because she is the star of the evening that day.

Everyone comes and wishes to take a look at the bride. Everyone talks about how pretty she looks and how fashionably she has done up herself. Being a star of the evening is not something very easy as every single person has their attention on you. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that you look at the best and unarguably the best that day. You should set a style statement, a new fashion trend with the way you drape your wedding saree. Knowing how to choose the perfect designer wedding sarees requires a lot of effort. Without knowledge, it is impossible to move forward with buying the unique piece.

With the internet at our fingertips today, conducting research about the perfect wedding saree is no longer a hassle. There are millions of wedding websites online which will help you gain a fair idea about what type of saree will suit you the best. Choosing only the wedding saree will not be sufficient. You will be required to choose the matching accessories with your saree so that the accessories accentuate the glamour of the saree and complement your look well. There are many materials for wedding sarees available. Beginning from the very traditional Banaras silk sarees to the latest georgette and velvet sarees, you will have a wide range of materials to choose from. The georgette and silk sarees are the most common ones. The next most important thing when buying designer wedding sarees is the blouse design. You must have a wonderful designer blouse which suits the make and style of the saree the most.

The colour of the wedding saree that most Indian brides desire is either red, burnt red or maroon. Since the shades of red are not only bright but also auspicious and vibrant, brides love to wear sarees in shades of red that day. All brides look wonderful and glamorous in red. Red is a colour on which both gold and silver embroideries look beautiful. So whether you are opting for a sequins design, zari designs, stone settings heavy work design or simple spot design or both design, anything would go very well with all shades of red. Apart from red, another colour that is common during weddings is yellow or shades of yellow.

Many brides prefer wearing mustard colour designer wedding sarees. The colour yellow is deemed to be sacred and auspicious for the starting of a new journey. Silver zari and sequins go really well on the shades of yellow. Many brides prefer wearing simple wedding saree with minimal designs which are light-weight and is not difficult to move in. All in all, designer wedding sarees are most preferred by all Indian brides.


Conduct thorough research before choosing your desired wedding saree as you must look the best on your wedding day. Select matching accessories with the saree so that your look is embellished and glamorised even more.