Get Your Wedding Cards Printed Using Hot Foil Stamping for Shiny Finish

Hot Foil Stamping

Getting married is dreamed by everyone and folks put their best efforts to make it perfect and memorable in all the aspects. It is not a cup of tea for everyone to organize a hassle-free wedding, keeping everyone happy and satisfied. Your guests start talking about your marriage ceremony with the first glimpse of your wedding card only. So why not give them something special and unique to talk to? There are several factors making your wedding invitation card special and different, and the printing style is one of those. Different eye-catching printing patters are in trend these days and Hot Foil stamping is one of the leading ones.

Find some significant details to know about hot foil stamping for wedding cards here.

Popular printing process

Hot Foil stamping is a very popular commercial printing process, where the metallic or pigmented foil is applied to high quality and a solid surface. It is done by applying a heated die onto foil, which in result makes it permanently attached to below the surface of paper or silk. This style of printing is also known as foil application. Applying heated die leaves the design of the die on the surface which looks stunning to look at. Your wedding card, printed using this style will be coming with a shimmery indentation and slight impression on paper which catches anyone’s eye at first glimpse.

Wide Range of Shades

Foil stamping comes with a wide range of possibilities in shades including silver, white, copper, black, pink, purple and others. It comes associated with ultra elegance which makes it unique and special. Other than the visual appearance, the quality of the paper is also amazing in foil stamped wedding invitation cards. It is because a low-quality paper can’t withstand the indentation of the print. These types of invitations come with associated elegance, luxury, and indulgence, which will surely impress your guests. Some small additions like surrounding gold foil to this extravagant printing can add royalty and wealth to your invitations. Several more combinations can result in a unique and memorable wedding place card.


This printing style seems out to be very expensive, but it is dearer when compared to the Letterpress printing style. Its price is still above average, but it’s worth every penny. You should go for foil stamping because it will offer you a different, unique, extraordinary and creative wedding card. It will include eye-catching shiny, lustrous finish because of using Metallic foils, and will impress your guests at first glimpse. Invitations printed using foil stamping are famous to represent luxe and romantic weddings, and you should give it a try for sure.

Time consuming

Coming to one of the drawbacks of foil stamping, it is very much time-consuming. If you are left with very little time and looking to get the invitations printed very quickly, this printing style is not for you. It is a time-consuming process and needs more than average time to get ready. Foil stamped wedding cards are best suitable for Art Deco themes wedding. It brings associated the glitz and glamour of the American lifestyle in the early 1920s, which may attract anyone at ease.

Your wedding card is a significant element in your ceremony, so choose it wisely and carefully. Ask your wedding stationery for the samples of different printing styles to choose the best and give Foil Stamping a try.