The success of any wedding ceremony is determined by several factors. The wedding invitation card you send to request the presence of your guests is one of those. Your invitation card offers the very first glimpse of your wedding ceremony to invitees and all know the importance of the first impression. With the availability of the latest printing techniques, paper types, printing styles, colors, and text patterns, a wide range of variety can be found in invites nowadays. Going for the right combination of all factors gives you a unique and different kind of designer wedding card. Make your wedding talk of the town and give your guests something good to talk about with the right choice.

Coming to the printing styles of wedding cards, here we’ll talk about one of the well-known printing techniques, Digital Printing.

Wedding Card Design

What is digital printing

Wedding cards are being printed in several different styles for years with the innovation of creative printing styles and technologies. Digital printing was invented around 2 decades ago, but nowadays it has become the most preferred printing method throughout the world. Also known as Flat Printing, this style is known for producing a flat image on paper. The reason behind people preferring this printing is its low cost and easy setup process. One of the benefits of digital printing offers a wide possibility of color, patterns, and type styles in printing wedding cards. Other techniques come with some limitations in color and designs.

How to print

Digital printing can be done using a laser printer, which can be accessed easily at homes as well. Although laser printers can print faded and smudged imaging, professional printers will produce high-quality printing. Imaginative and artistic wedding invitations are best suitable for this style. Thousands of tiny dots form the required design on the paper which is undoubtedly beautiful and vibrant.


Coming to other benefits of digital printing, it is the most affordable and least time-consuming. Couples having a limited budget for their wedding ceremony should go for this. Compared to the rest of the techniques to print wedding invitations, this will cost the least to the bride and groom. Unlike other techniques, thinner paper can be used in this, which saves a lot of money. It offers a wide range of colors and designs, so even the bride and groom can create or customize their own designs. Even using vibrant color combinations won’t cost much money and time.

Range of Color and paper types

The most important benefit of going for digital printing for your wedding cards is the freedom of choosing the color, design, paper, the thickness of lines, and others. This style is popular for crafting unique wedding invitation cards because the bride and groom can choose their own customized designs and patterns to make it different and unique from others.

So, as your wedding invitation plays a vital role in impressing the guests and making your wedding a hot potato, choose the printing style carefully. Ask your invitation provides to show samples from different patterns and styles and choose the final design wisely.

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