Does Wearing Gloves Save You from COVID-19 Virus?

Wearing Gloves

Around the globe, people are taking various steps and precautions to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Currently, the constant motive is of protecting yourselves and flatten the curve of the spread of Corona Virus infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) states those who are affected by the virus or taking care of someone who is infected by the virus should wear a mask. While we all are getting used to wearing masks, what about the usage of hand gloves. Gloves are not a good way of protecting from germs and viruses in public places.

Health experts suggest that you should not wear gloves until they remind you to not touch your face. Nowadays, it’s become common to see people using disposable hand gloves as they do daily chores. But doctors say that wearing gloves will not do anything in protecting you from the coronavirus. Gloves make sense when only used in a proper way. Most of the people wearing gloves do not use them properly, instead of slowing down the spread of the virus, it may increase the spread. If you are heading out to buy daily groceries, keep these steps in mind

  • Do not touch your mobile phone.
  • Avoid touching your face unnecessarily.
  • Avoid touching the mask after wearing it.
  • Follow social distancing in grocery stores.
  • Limit the point of contact.
  • Sanitize your hands whenever you touch any surface.

Avoid cross-contamination

If you wear gloves, avoid cross-contamination. But some health experts say, wearing gloves add an additional layer of protection against the covid19 virus. Wearing gloves might cause the worst of the hand cleaning because instead of washing or sanitizing your hands you keep wearing gloves again and again.

Wash your hands properly

Gloves do not provide a high level of protection and could even make you sick from other diseases. You can wear gloves while cleaning your house or taking care of a sick person. Before using a new pair of hand gloves, it is recommended to wash your hands properly or sanitize them using a hand sanitizer. Gloves should be taken off inside out to avoid the risk of getting in contact with the virus. When you are coming in a direct way of contact with a person infected with COVID19, you are directly exposed to the virus.

The FDA is worried about the fact that the need for the gloves may soon outrun the supply available to the healthcare units. There is already a shortage of other protective equipment like face masks and N95 masks.

keep disinfecting surfaces

You should keep disinfecting surfaces that you touch while wearing the gloves, like a door handle, tabletops, etc.

There is a lot of wrong information when it comes to taking precautions against the Coronavirus. We look at some are wearing gloves masks, while others are roaming freely without any fear. Times are hard, all we can do is stay home and stay safe.