5 Surefire Ways to Surprise Your Lover This Valentines

With a population of more than 4.33 million people, there is no doubt at all that Chennai is full of lovebirds. That explains why the city always comes alive with red and other romantic hues every February. The month is, after all, the month of love. Everyone adores it, all in the name of impressing their loved ones. But like any romantic guru will tell you, monotony is never a good idea when it comes to love matters. Your partner should not at any point know your next move. In other words, you should be a bagful of surprises. You should not be predictable. That is where the following romantic tips come in. Try them to woo your significant other.

Ways to Surprise Your Lover

Inscribed Presents

You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. They are ideal for Valentine ’s Day pretty much the same way they are ideal as birthday gifts. Note though, that you cannot just inscribe your lover’s name on anything. A good idea is to find something your significant other would never think of like a valentine’s gift. So forget about jewelry and wallets. Your gift should be one that will give your partner Goosebumps. A classic or vintage watch should make your work easy. You can also go for two bathrobes with both of your names inscribed somewhere conspicuous on the robe.

Exotic dinner

A word of warning here; avoid taking her for dinner and calling it a night. That is a big no. The same rule applies to women. Think of dinner as the icing on a cake of a day that has already been spent well. So if you bought your partner something during the day, take him or her for dinner just to make sure the day ends well and style. Be sure to make dinner a surprise.

Touch humanity

Doing something good for the less fortunate is not something many people think about often. But it stands out as one of the most thoughtful things you can do. With that in mind, find a children’s home and pay orphans a visit. Remember you do not have to spend much here. You can donate a few clothes you no longer use. You can also buy food and snacks for the children you want to help. This is by far the least common Valentine’s Day idea but it is certainly a noble idea. Think of this as one of your best Valentine’s day gifts to Chennai.

Get a pet

Women love pets more than men do, especially little fluffy dogs and hamsters. It is however important to first figure out if surprising your loved one with a pet is a good idea. Remember to explore other pet ideas like goldfish and parrots.

Compile a music album

Music is a universal language. It touches every soul. But do not be predictable with your choice of music when you want to surprise your lover with a music album. The best way to go about it would be to compile all the music singles you both fancy. You can then surprise her with the album and a bouquet of red roses.