Wedding planning is stressful because you need to look for everything whether the caterer will provide a good meal, wedding cards are distributed or what about the venue. Just because you know everyone at your wedding that doesn’t mean everyone among your guest knows one another. Look whether your guest having better interaction or they are getting on with one another. Here are some tips to mingle your guests at a wedding.

Wedding Guests

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Be strategic with your table plan

Before settling the seating chart, be logical and consider the common interests, same age groups, etc. if possible try to settle round tables with the maximum number of groups. There should be great place cards on each table, that card gives specific instructions for getting to interact with the one you don’t know exactly. The place cards can be as simple as asking someone to dance, mimicry, singing, or it can be like ‘introduce yourself to someone’, etc.

Arrange Circular tables, please

If possible, then try to arrange circular tables. These tables are more crowded that’s why it can be more sociable and encourage much more mingling of the guests.

Guest photography

Place instruction cards and disposable cameras on the table, so your guest can work in a team and capture the amazing and most loving shots of your wedding.

Wedding Guests

Escort cards

Use escort cards for guests to find their way to their seats rather than planning and placing a seating chart. While finding their seats, guest will interact with each other.


Add favors in a central location rather than placing it in the corner side. You can also suggest your guest take someone else’s favor (if already named), and then try to find the one.

Name badges

Name badges are a great way of knowing a guest how he belongs to the bride or groom.

Pairing guests

Seating arrangement is necessary at your wedding. Especially, when you are planning where to seat singles, dateless guests. It’s even become typical for a social creature when they find themselves among the strangers. Assign seating in a way so that you can help your guest in conversing with others.

When assigning names to the seating, try to spice up with the funny names. If you have organized a theme wedding, then you can add names accordingly.

Guest book

Try out some different ideas such as writing on pieces of Jenga on a single board, if your guests are from abroad then you can use a world map as a guest book to add more fun.

Except for these ideas, you can also add fun reception games, photo booths, musical chairs type grouping activities that make your guests participate in the conversation and make the party a boom.

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