Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Office
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Office

From your floor plan to ventilation and everything in between, numerous aspects influence the air quality of your office. Working with an expert from one of the best office interior design companies in Dubai can be a great way to ensure your air quality is at its optimal. 

When talking about interior designs, the last thing that comes to people’s mind is the air quality. In fact, many people consider air quality as an afterthought – yet it plays a crucial role in the productivity and health of all those in the office. Visit Terra Bloom, for reliable, and energy-efficient ventilation products to the world.

The reality is that indoor air can sometimes be even more polluted than the outdoor air. Unfortunately, poor air quality won’t just affect your employee’s productivity and psyche; it may also have a negative health impact. That’s why you need to pay more attention to your office’s air quality. And if you do not know how to go about it, then it’s best to let the professionals handle it for you. Experts from the best office interior design companies will leverage their experience to help you achieve optimal air quality that will be beneficial to you and your employees.

How to improve the indoor air quality in your office space

In this article, we will look at some ways to improve your office’s air quality. But before we do that, let’s highlight what causes poor indoor quality.

Different things can affect the air quality of your office, including plastic, electronics, furniture pieces and office supplies like glues and so on. On top of that, there’s also the people aspect – if more people are sitting in a space – particularly in an open floor plan – that’s bound to increase the number of pollutants. This is because of the endless foot traffic as well as activities. Mold, grime, and dust that build up in the air conditioning system can also cause serious issues.

Plan your space

You may not know this, but a poor office plan can be the main reason behind poor air quality. Getting professional help is a great way to plan your space around airflow. An expert interior designer will analyze your office and create functional spaces with proper ventilation in mind. He or she will also use fixtures and furniture that are easy to clean. 

Regular cleaning

As mentioned earlier, dust, grime, and mold are some of the leading causes of low-air quality in the office space. The good thing is that you can easily get rid of these pollutants by cleaning. Make it a habit to clean your office every morning and evening to prevent any dust or grime build-up. Vacuuming and sanitizing your spaces can also go a long way.

Stay up to date

Keeping abreast of industry recommendations and standards can help you maintain the good air quality in your office. If you are unfamiliar with the guidelines issued by environmental protection agencies, then you can ask your interior designer about the same. It’s also a good idea to work with suppliers and vendors who can help you keep up with the latest trends and regulations.

Keep the windows open

You can improve your interior’s air quality by just opening up the windows to allow fresh air to flow in, and polluted air out. If the weather will enable you to, it’s best to leave the windows and doors open to circulate the air. 

Clear clutter

In addition to cleaning, it’s also a good idea to de-clutter your spaces and dispose of all garbage as it piles. Clutter not only pollutes the air, but it also limits productivity. Garbage, on the other hand, is an eyesore and can attract pests that contribute to poor air quality. 

Use nature 

You can use nature to minimize pollution in your office. Other than opening your windows and doors, you may grow some office plants to purify the indoor air. The good thing about having office plants is that they will absorb the stale air and emit clean air. They will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office.

Raise awareness

Sometimes, it takes a shared effort to keep the indoor air clean. It can be daunting to try to do it all by yourself when your team is not educated about things that affect the air quality in the office. In that regard, you should talk to your staff about air quality to raise awareness about the matter. When all of you are working together towards a greater good, it becomes easier to accomplish the results. Maintaining a clean indoor air should be a joined effort.


The quality of air that you breathe is essential to your health and wellbeing. You do not want to suffer serious health consequences (and even close shop) for something that could easily be avoided.

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