Birthdays can be expensive. From buying gifts to organizing a cake or a party, a birthday can stretch the budget of any family. But cheap birthday ideas are also practical. These following ideas will help you be frugal with birthday celebrations:

Economical birthday cake:

the cheapest birthday solution is to bake the cake yourself, at home. It may be complex or simple, as per your choice. A cake and its frosting can be whipped up from scratch or you can use some ready-made cake mix. Provided you don’t go with wild ideas, you will save a pot of money. If you are lacking in baking skills, trade with the mom of another child to bake the cake. You can offer to babysit her child in return. A simple solution would be to ask a relative to send birthday cake online.

send birthday cake online

Avoid the cake:

If the cake idea is working out expensive, steer clear of this altogether. Go in for a special dessert for the occasion which is much more delicious and cheaper.

Birthday party:

This may involve inviting some friends for the occasion. You can make this special by organizing a special activity for the day like a trip to the zoo or amusement park or the movies. Very often, if you are taking groups, you can avail of huge discounts. If your child is under 4 years, plan out the day for him and his friends. If they are older, get their ideas in advance and try to secure deals and discounts for the venue.

Party at home:

To save on friends’ parties, you can save by hosting them at home. Or you can opt for a park with gazebos available for free. There are other ideas to trim the budget. Use the dollar store to secure napkins, party plates, and party decor.

Party timing:

Host the party at an odd hour, particularly between meals; for instance, between lunch and dinner. Thus, you will not need to offer a full-blown meal for the party invitees. Just provide some snacks along with the cake.


Try making cupcakes at home. Involve the kids in the baking or even the decoration. Not only can you save money, but keep the kids occupied in an interesting activity.

Organize pot luck:

Get the mums of kids at the party to bring along food items of their own, with each contributing something for the party. This will make the party more interesting.


Get kids involved in interesting activities like crafts that the kids can take away from the party. This can be as simple as decorating cupcakes for small kids to creating lip gloss for teenage girls.

Birthday gifts:

These need not break the bank. For some cheap ideas, the best way is to plan in advance and make use of deals and discounts all through the year. For instance, you can stock up on art supplies like markers and color pencils and these make for amazing gifts for young kids, paired with coloring books. You can also shop for wrapping paper that will cost 90% lesser in the off-season.

Make your own gift:

Handcrafted gifts or self-arranged gift hampers are not valued for their price but for the thoughtfulness and care that goes into creating them. Sometimes giving the gift of time- spending enjoyable hours with the birthday boy or girl can be the most valuable gift of all.

Special items:

You can make the birthday special with out of the box items like ice cream for breakfast, customized birthday balloons, special table cloths emblazoned with a happy birthday message, fresh flowers, or a birthday special meal. One will also love an online order birthday cake at a discount.

These are some ideas to celebrate birthdays which are very special and very inexpensive.