As technology keeps growing, the change from 3G to 4G was really unpredictable. In fact, many of the phones are lagging a lot of speed when it comes to the comparison with 4G and 5G, so what does 5G has got to offer us? Is the 5G overhyped in the market like every other thing about technology? The world has become fast, kudos to the internet and the latest technology Internet of Things. The internet has made a revolution in various industries like gaming, manufacturing; there would be a lot of data that this technology would need to transmit.

The Future is 5G

Still, this one fact is that the new 5G network is able to handle a billion devices, which is the most interesting part of the 5G technology. It has the ability to process simultaneously and it also manages the data in order to create virtual reality opportunities and quite honestly the levels of the reality that they haven’t been yet created. There are thirteen cities in the United States that will be receiving the 5G technology earlier of the next year, and many people are anticipating a lot of major advancements in these following areas.

Autonomous Driving

5G has got a lot to do with the self-driving cars, and in fact, the 5G network plays a role of as the oxygen for the self-driving cars. Due to the speed and the ability for computing in the real-time, this will be able to connect the cars with other vehicles, buildings and also to the individual people even to the street lights in the ways which 4G does not allow. This could even result in the development of the smarter, better and safer vehicles that helps to instantly reroute the estimated time of the arrival along with avoiding accidents and makes ourselves very safe during the time of commute.

Robotic Surgery

Well, this isn’t something that is new. The DaVinci robot is one of the newest in the market, which performs the surgical procedures for a number of years, in a special room of the hospital. But the recent 5G network allows the physicians to take the technology to the real time with a lot of upgradations and makes it perform various surgeries to the patients. Reasons, why doctors choose this, are they are reliable, fast and accurate in the procedures. This will become a revolution in the healthcare sector also for the people living in the remote areas of the country.

Smart Factories

Clearly, we have been witnessing a lot of innovation in the industrialization in recent times. This ‘industrial revolution’ has made a lot of heads to turn towards them, but the recent invention called IoT has made a lot the task way easier for the businesses. There are a lot of advantages available for the applications when it comes to the 5G network due to the speed and in order to support the custom mobile app development as they are getting into the long run.

With the help of 5G those tasks can be performed and monitored from remote, the 5G is 10 times faster than the broadband and 100 times faster than the 4G. For example, Qualcomm is joining hands with Honeywell, Ericsson, and GE on the 5G Innovators Initiative to develop a new blueprint for the industries of the future.

Augmented Reality and Gaming

Apart from the business sector, there is a community called gaming community that celebrates the launch of 5G more. Due to the speed of the 5G network, it allows the developers to truly immersive in the real-time gaming without the glitches that are associated with the technology. By the year 2020, the 5G aims to lessen the latency to a millisecond, which is nearly instant. This will also allow the development teams to bring up a better-augmented reality, which draws a line that is inches away to the artificial intelligence. It will make the Pokemon not only to appear on the screen but it also makes it interact with the real-time environment.

There are a lot of benefits available for the business processes especially if it is carried out with the help of the 5G network.