Have you seen those hilarious ‘kids-adults-legends’ memes? We have a musical version of that meme.

Kids play guitar.

Adults play a piano.

Legends play a grand piano

A grand piano can be luxury collectible for your new home. It is an instrument that can fill up the entire room with an enchanting sound. A grand piano is different from other types of piano. It is an instrument coming with a variety of features making it prized among serious musicians. However, due to its size, your grand piano needs a decent space in your house. And, when you have to move your new grand piano to your place, don’t hire any cheap piano movers to move your grand piano. Find expert, experienced and equipped nationwide piano movers in Riverside CA.

In this article, let’s explore your super heavy grand piano. You will also learn why you should hire professional piano movers only. Obviously, professional movers will save time and money and also protect your body from injury and piano from damage.

Grand Piano

Why is Grand Piano Called Grand Piano?

If you see the meaning of Grand in your Oxford Dictionary, the grand denotes the largest or the most important item of its kind. This word Grand perfectly describes the prized grand piano.

The weight of a concert grand piano is more than 1000 pounds. It is half a ton. 1000 pounds is equal to one-quarter of the weight of a car. Now, go ahead and move your concert grand piano without taking professional assistance.

A living room grand piano also known as Parlor grand piano is slightly smaller than a concert grand piano. The weight of this grand piano is more than 600 or 700 pounds.

Baby grand piano is the smallest member of the grand piano family. And, the weight of this piano is more than 500 pounds. High-tech refrigerators hardly weigh more than 300 pounds and these refrigerators are enormous. A three-seater sofa typically weighs around 300 pounds. You need to recruit helping hands to move your refrigerator or three-seater sofa. It is a grand piano. It is built with quality. So, you will have to be extra careful to move it safely. The fact is; you cannot move it on your own. You will have to find interstate piano movers in Riverside CA.

Shape Matters

Weight is not the only factor that should make you abandon the idea of DIY move. The shape of the grand piano also makes it difficult to move the grand or any other type of piano without hiring professionals. It has a large soundboard extending beyond the playing area. Grand piano is asymmetrical. Even three or four inexperienced movers cannot lift, balance and move a grand piano. The type and quality of wood also contribute to the weight of the instrument. If you have to move an older grand piano, it will be heavier than new grand pianos.

How Heavy Lifting Effects

You can find many tips, tricks and DIY piano moving guides. However, it is not easy. Lifting and moving instrument will take a toll on your muscles. This is a tricky job. Let professional movers equipped with special tools do this for you.